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  1. ayo any old heads in here?

    1. Blue


      yes from b4 2012 didnt play till 2015/16 ish till osrs came back a good 2/3 years after release etc 

    2. Blue


      late 2005 if ur being extact till 2011 i was 'active'

  2. Rest in Peace Avicii, you will be missed <3

  3. Aint been here in like 2 years, any old heads still left in this game?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ecstacy


      at work so not on atm @Moni but hmu on discord if u want

    3. Moni


      u still got that rsn? @Ecstacy Snipe Freezer or something 

    4. Ecstacy


      snipe freeze ye I got it @Moni

  4. Do I have to return to put these kids back into hiding?
  5. I use to have GasThatJew, Jmod got rid of it, then I changed it to GasThoseJews, Jmod removed it, then changed it to GasThisJew and he permanently changed my name to Dr Lizard for a year.
  6. I closed ur klen with my left nut, couldn't take the heat so you got mains lmfa0, brown sticky stuff klen, no history, MM > Eruption of Mains
  7. I closed your brown sticky stuff clan on my own last year, dont make me do it again
  8. Bro your Sig is so fucking underrated lmfao
  9. When you try to make a troll topic but backfires...
  10. ty 4 fight Imperial, put up a tough fight, #Ruin COTM cunts

    1. Kanicus


      Grats Ruin #1 Matched MPC in both servers

    2. Kiwis
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