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  1. ayo any old heads in here?

    1. Blue


      yes from b4 2012 didnt play till 2015/16 ish till osrs came back a good 2/3 years after release etc 

    2. Blue


      late 2005 if ur being extact till 2011 i was 'active'

  2. Rest in Peace Avicii, you will be missed <3

  3. Aint been here in like 2 years, any old heads still left in this game?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ecstacy


      at work so not on atm @Moni but hmu on discord if u want

    3. Moni


      u still got that rsn? @Ecstacy Snipe Freezer or something 

    4. Ecstacy


      snipe freeze ye I got it @Moni

  4. U mad tr0ll


    Do I have to return to put these kids back into hiding?
  5. U mad tr0ll

    clan wars LT vs VQ | 30v30 F2P Prep [Winter Cup]

    Yeah Leave the Leet tactics to you...
  6. U mad tr0ll

    Coolest RSN in your clan?

    I use to have GasThatJew, Jmod got rid of it, then I changed it to GasThoseJews, Jmod removed it, then changed it to GasThisJew and he permanently changed my name to Dr Lizard for a year.
  7. U mad tr0ll

    @Pure community

    I closed ur klen with my left nut, couldn't take the heat so you got mains lmfa0, brown sticky stuff klen, no history, MM > Eruption of Mains
  8. U mad tr0ll

    @Pure community

    I closed your brown sticky stuff clan on my own last year, dont make me do it again
  9. Well done RU, looks like you gang carroted OP
  10. U mad tr0ll

    Sad to see you go.

    Bro your Sig is so fucking underrated lmfao
  11. U mad tr0ll

    When Ruin Bluffs

    When you try to make a troll topic but backfires...
  12. ty 4 fight Imperial, put up a tough fight, #Ruin COTM cunts

    1. Kanicus


      Grats Ruin #1 Matched MPC in both servers

    2. Kiwis
  13. U mad tr0ll

    Control Pker...

    Nerd fight