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  1. Rolly

    Supremacy vs AAO P2P Mini 2-1 sets

    Good shit boys
  2. Lol IR , yall some sorry asses with ass rank team.
  3. too EZ bro, those sandcrabs recruits prob thought they were training at sandcrabs and went afk r0f.
  4. brutal! expect more tomorrow IR, we ain't done yet.
  5. Rolly

    Intense Redemption: From the members POV

    Expected , see you tomorrow IR.
  6. Rolly

    Outburst Mini's Vs Flawless/Ambition

    was fun, good job gang gang and ty for minis
  7. lol AAO ur too ez. dont even try us cos ur clan cant even compete. know your place and stay in singles. kthnxbye