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  1. Pinhead


    The only respect I have is for people who can man up and stop curve balling discussion every time their weak arguments are destroyed. Ironically, the majority of unbreakable are yet to develop the maturity to hold proper discussion after their weak arguments have been demolished (never have I witnessed a larger group of socially awkward people before). They can start off with why they still haven't replied to their own prep declaration lol
  2. Pinhead

    Which ub excuse are you?

    It doesn't take a PHD to analyze any of that (btw you're still wrong about trends because a consistent 70 isn't a drop LMFAO) but it does take a highschool diploma to form a sentence and I think you may need one, "consistent losses prep losses" l0l stop skipping school you're almost late @ this dude legit wakes up at 6am to sit on an awkward ts and have no events l000l he even skips school to skill on runescape
  3. Pinhead

    Which ub excuse are you?

    l000l noticing trends when the pulls are consistent 70, 120 for anni, then consistent 70 again lmfao this here folks is why you stay in highschool instead of dropping out to lead and close your own runescape clans l000l what an analysis buddy
  4. unbreakable are currently 0-6 in preps against EOP giving them a 0% win ratio... their record against EOP is not so good =/

  5. new attempted hype method for ub while losing their rivalry to cd: get fudog to show justin beiber videos of his brown sticky stuffty snipe team losing l000l cd is killing ur clan buddy hahaha
  6. Pinhead

    Which ub excuse are you?

    Virgo, Capricorn and Aries atm l000l wow that lack of a highschool diploma is hitting hard isnt it. Imagine pulls dropping from 120 on an anniversary to a consistent 75 the weekends after lol!!!! Actually no you couldn't imagine that, your clans highest ever pull was like 70 and that was when u were bullied to lpc and brought hpc invites l0000l
  7. Pinhead

    Ballista discussion

    if ur complaining about how op ballista is then oh my sweet summer child you would never have survived the pre-eoc climate l00l beta bitch
  8. Pinhead

    clan wars Phoenix vs Imperial 30v30 F2P Prep (2-1)

    he's been involved in so many closures of sv/imp, I think he's lost his marbles. and hes 4rn lol so thats another strike out for him
  9. Pinhead

    Ballista discussion

    I knew this was a topic complaining about something well before I clicked it lol god damn but hey at least its not another complaining about the prep system that you begged sharkbrew ranks to put in for being brown sticky stuff again
  10. Pinhead

    clan wars Phoenix vs Imperial 30v30 F2P Prep (2-1)

    Imperial: a prep team that doesnt win preps l000l almost as bad as @@Bradyb @@Lufffy @ making mini teams that can never win minis
  11. Pinhead

    Grats Unbreakable

    and still 0-6 vs EOP l000l
  12. Is that why ub are yet to reply to their own p2p prep declaration lmfao?
  13. Pinhead


    Almost as bad as living in ignorance and supporting the real cancer of the community, therefore letting it grow and continue to eclipse the pure community lol... I feel sorry for you, having such a feeble mind fueled by tunnel vision must create a lot of problems for you
  14. light mayhem wants you to join ub so he can gwas ur bank for 600m l000l

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    2. Pinhead


      took you 3 tries to post "yes haha" to a status update lmfao go to school buddy

    3. Pinhead


      @slushpuppy @Nixon lol isn't saying that not allowed here...

    4. Pinhead


      lol @ub waterboy what happened to your replies haha

  15. Pinhead


    l0000l pussy boy scared to prep eop