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  1. Interesting. Might have to make a new baby pure
  2. Gz on killing SUP. They had 50- pures on the cape counter most of the day despite the 15-20 tank they brought
  3. 16 Mains in this one pic. You were losing to Rage even in the only supposed victory you had (pure vs. pure) 52v62 Propaganda clan
  4. Looked pretty one sided SUP cant muster any meds into P2P
  5. You can round up that pull to 100 FFS! Nice trip bears
  6. This makes a lot more sense for CD, but why are your intents to still compete with pures?
  7. SHOCKING! You have had 20 mains every weekend throughout your entire existence (nothing has changed). This is normal behavior from CD whom has never won a matched fight/prep/full out in its 3-4 remakes Not in Rage nor Legacy btw
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