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  1. man, fo just can't catch a break losing to rage now too
  2. Final Ownage is actually dogshit.

  3. it's not hypocritical, the difference is that you attempted to force a rivalry with us and are now unwilling to commit to the fight in which you started. play victim all you like, just like the last time i was active.
  4. honestly, this @GlGGSguy at least puts up a better fight than his rank team. perhaps it's time they restructure their cabinet and let him lead.
  5. if we're not a new clan because we have veterans of the game, you're a shit nameless clan with no history because you're infested with kids that begun clanning this year.
  6. full of excuses as always. pls don't make me dig up the bingo card from two years ago, some things never change.
  7. oh look, you managed to put together a topic and not once does it mention outrage. glad you've accepted your place as beneath us, refrain from starting shit with us ever again.
  8. Casual reminder that FO is dogshit.

  9. > loses aforementioned 1v1 > starts aforementioned rag war > fo leader admits to outrage leader that his clan got broken considering i'm sitting on the audio of the third one, i'd say, much like all of my fights with your shit clan, i won
  10. There are no participation awards in RuneScape. - ydoC

  11. > start shit with outrage > lose to outrage every week since > no longer have the will to fight outrage and instead hide from us
  12. cheeky fuck lmao, i noticed it after posting but i rly cbf to remove it. gratz
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