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  1. listen here you fucking chinese cunt, i demand that the word CUNT be removed from this list or i swear i will rain hell upon this website with the fury of 10,000 angry solo k1ngs
  2. gratz on beating up the shitty merger of victims, look very ez
  3. right now i'd say zenith, purely based on pulls, last week they outpulled fo by 40. if both clans were to fight matched in wildy, fo would probably beat them for the first few weeks due to how heavy zenith is stacked with crabbers but given a month or two of experience in fights, this would even out quickly and come down to leadership qualities (zenith has more exp ranks than fo).
  4. fo probably wont show, rage choked the last one but if they had their shit together like the first round it'd be a mop on their behalf
  5. 1 Defence gear only - infinity boots and mithril defenders are allowed - 1-25 defence... retarded
  6. as an australian am i in danger of being drafted into yet another war on behalf of the british empire?
  7. can pretty much spit out a video like this for any year that they should have closed in
  8. you mean to say this roman character doxed kg members and wasnt brought to his knees by bozo? seems he's more restrained than id have been
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