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  1. Did a really good and quick job for me, would and will use again!
  2. Backstabbed

    weekend Supremacy Sunday | Teabagging Clans P2P Style

    Supremeacy winner
  3. Backstabbed

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #10

    Always appreciated your work Lenin, but you deffo did better work than this!
  4. Backstabbed

    Are You embarrassed?

    ok bud
  5. Backstabbed

    pkri delete this

  6. Backstabbed

    tournament Tournament Of The Underdogs: Brigada vs TF 3-0

    Stop being a spas flower, ty
  7. Backstabbed

    cwa Supremacy vs Apex | F2P Prep 2-1

    Nah maybe Fearless will prep regardless if their founder is stuck in traffic
  8. Backstabbed

    pkri GMT Harvests 1500 World "MOI" CC Ft. DK

  9. Backstabbed

    brid vid #9

    gud one
  10. Backstabbed

    midweek Vengeance - PK TRIP #2 of the day

    Good job Vengeance!
  11. Backstabbed

    Northern member at edge confirms ASAP is a Rat

    BAD BAnTErr
  12. Backstabbed

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    Ah yes, was ez
  13. Backstabbed


  14. Backstabbed

    Why aren't Supremacy making any noise?

    Aren't you that dude that highlights people 8 times in a day to make sure they come to your Team Potent prep team that gets 1 prep every two weeks and loses it?