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  2. Not sure I want to take on more work as I've got orders on a pile right now. But you send me a message on discord "Izad#9664".
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    Problem What is the problem? Scammers How does it affect clanning? By f*cking people over Solution For everyone buying or selling services, browse this site to see if the other part has been involved in some sort of scamming: https://rs-scammers.com/osrs-scammers This will hopefully prevent you from getting scammed and scammers from pursuing their sadism Source
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    What is the name of the buyer or seller you are reporting? RyanTheG Provide a link to their Sharkbrew profile page. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/profile/5563-fat-boy/ In a short sum, please outline what has happened or why you are reporting? RyanTheG ordered a full clan package for Rampage. The package was pretty much finished the 4th of December. That day he said he would gather 07 gp from the ranks to pay me, but he never wrote back. The next day he said the same thing, but never contacted me. On 7th of January he wrote to me, 4AM my time, that he had the gp. After that I tried to reach out to him but he didn't respond to my messages till 10th of Jan, when he said "I don't have the gp till friday" (maybe he staked it idk???). He said that he really wants the package but I will have to wait till Friday. But then Rampage closed and Ryan went MIA - till the 18th of January. He said he couldn't pay the price we agreed to, but he would pay the half amount ($50). I agreed. He did pay and but the transaction wouldn't be completed until 29th of January. After 6 days, he cancelled the payment. Please provide logs and evidences for your report. Please structure them properly e.g. images into an Imgur album, chat logs into a Pastebin thread etc. https://imgur.com/a/XmwMy1F Any additional comments or notes for us to take into consideration? Note: the original agreement was 95m. He then tossed me more work so we agreed on 100m.
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    @LeninAbsolutely, lesson is learned. Thing is, he has always come to be for GFX. He has always been late with the payments, but in the end he always paid. What pisses me off right now is that he crawled back and I agreed to his proposal of paying half - and then he cancelled the payment... Sigh... That is a real d*ck move
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    @Papa Beardidn't you read the topic properly? He cancelled the payment.
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    Yea. He acted kind and said he was going to pay half, only to cancel the payment...
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    Think so
  9. Advertisement for myself: Forum gfx: Signatures: Avatars: Misc: (Too bad RP closed before I got paid)
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    showcase Pot head siggy

    Mike Wazowski ❤️
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    Stampede vs IR 3-0 Sets P2P Minis

    expected results
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    Supremacy vs Apex P2P mini 2-0

    awk for apex
  13. Never seen so many triggered Apex kids. They obviously feel the need to claim they're #1 on every topic because they deep down realize the reality is different.
  14. Stop hiding, prep us already

  15. Izad's GFX Shop Artist with years of experience in clan graphics What can I offer? Avatars, Signatures, Banners, Awards, VS gfx, Pips and Special Requests Contact me today!~ Fast delivery and Quality work at Competitive Prices ~Design is not considered done until you're 100% satisfied!>>> SELECTED ILLUSTRATIONS <<< Thread Layouts * More to be found in my portfolio *
  16. @Fat BoyI hate you because 1) You say I'm a vanilla ice cone, 2) You live up to the stereotypes of a hood gangster, 3) You robbed me
  17. Honorable opponents!
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    I like it
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    showcase recent work zzz

  20. Topics like this just contributes to the toxicity. Why would one encourage that?
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    Very sad doxer clan!

    Did you actually get doxed though?