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    Best of luck!
  2. Eruption of Pures massed up 40 Pirates to take on our old rivals Fatality in a highly anticipated P2P Prep. With Tuesdays F2P Prep being a close one, we knew todays prep would be good. We came out and showed every pure clan what Eop's made of as we took home a clean 3-0 victory. Thanks for the prep Fatality, hopefully we can setup more in the future. Victory - Attacking on Plateau Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 34/5 Fatality (Starting/Ending): 34/0 Victory - Defending on Platesu Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 34/16 Fatality (Starting/Ending): 34/0 Victory - PKRI on Plateau Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 35/21 Fatality (Starting/Ending): 35/0
  3. what a prep man!!! good fight fi, well fucking fought