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  1. Yeah I still chat with Brit everyday.
  2. I find that a little rich considering a vast majority of you guys decided to join us instead of becoming a clan on RS, heck both of your leaders became Warlords in our clan. Still love you though mate, hope all is well.
  3. From our founding we have prioritized quality over quantity and have broken the limits to what we as pures can do. Quality is a major key to our previous and current success. We have a network of experienced members and ranks that formed into a brotherhood. If you choose to join be ready to train hard and excel in any weak attributes so that we can become the most competitive clan in the community. Outrage has bred many great warrers, many members have went on to become high ranks and solid warrers in various clans. We ensure that quality and moral will be brought forth after spending time and warring a long side such a tight knit community. Whether its mini wars, preps, pkris or Weekend PK Trips, we offer plenty of activities that you can partake in and make the best of your time on RS We just want to make the best experience possible for everyone in the clan to guarantee it's not time wasted while playing. Uniform: Website: https://outrage-rs.com Teamspeak 3: ts.outrage-rs.com Discord: https://discord.gg/tRHnJ6m » FOUNDER « Blitz U, Morris, Yawnz & Trent» LEADER « Jamz» HIGH COUNCIL « Parm, Pixel & Robbyy» WARLORD «-» COUNCIL « Nawe, 2ndch4nce & Salvo» CAPTAIN « Foxy Immortal Pures (Battlescape) Immortal Pures started off as a pure team consisting of NH hybrids. Blitz U lead the team with his friends Halloween, Bow, Shisha and others. As their skill and reputations grew, their green hats were feared in singles. Outrage (Battlescape) Outrage began when Runescape clans took an interest in private servers. The leader of Corrupt Pures at the time approached Blitz U with a proposition. Merge Blitz U's growing team of pures with Chain's large following of pures from Runescape. Within days Outrage formed and took the pure clan scene by storm. We fought with Annihilation, Trilogy and many other clans for the #1 spot. Although our quality wasn't the best at times, we made our mark in history. Immortality (Battlescape) With the Corrupt Pures members choosing to focus on Runescape and Outrage staff retiring, Blitz U and Morris decided to close Outrage to create a new clan for the last remaining members. From the ashes of Outrage rose Immortality. This clan chose to focus on individual skill instead of sheer numbers throughout it's entire run. Many times we fought outnumbered and through superior calling, returns, and overall performance we came out on top. After Palidino chose to close down Battlescape, the IT staff decided to move on to the big stage, Runescape. Outrage (Runescape Pre EOC) Outrage started off as a pure team on Runescape. After a long time of clanning on Battlescape we wanted to take it easy as a team and have fun. As we rose in popularity and activity we realized it was time to turn into a full blown Clan. As a clan we opened as an MPC dominating the entire bracket, primarily in P2P. As we grew in strength we fought the likes of Havoc, Enemy, Control,Tribulation, Zenith, and many others. As time went on, Outrage staff decided it was time to take a different direction. New Pure Order (Runescape Pre EOC) After long discussion amongst ranks from Outrage, we decided to grab a handful of members from Sudden Knock Out and form into a P2P only clan. This was the final stand and most successful RS Clan the Immortality crew has opened. A mixture of P2P Leading experience and knowledgeable members with beefy accounts helped us destroy the entire MPC bracket in P2P. NPO (50) & FI (50) Vs FOE (80) & IR (20) Matching FOE & MM's pull for the first time and wiping both clans off of the map. Outrage (Old School Runescape) ~ Where Limits Will Be Broken ~ We decided to open up one last time to put the competitive edge back into this community. Among the leadership and memberlist in this version of Outrage are veterans of the pure community, with years of experience under their belts. New recruits that hope to join the community will not regret it, as is extremely active and you can definitely learn a thing or two from guys who are willing to teach.
  4. Jamz

    Rage vs Outrage 2-0 | 10V10 P2P

  5. Expect great things.

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      Ill end ur clan like everytime buddy

  6. Jamz

    friendly FOE vs APEX 13v13 P2P MINI 2-1 SETS

  7. Jamz

    lpc Siege

    Best of luck!