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  1. time to fuck some retards

  2. i dont need to be at anything for my clan to own see you tomorrow @Dynamic
  3. Jamz


    no, i don't think i will
  4. Jamz


    credits to gf nerd jeffrey
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Thursday, December 10th Fatality massed up, peaking at around 32 members to face off vs Blunt Purez in a P2P Prep FT50 of 3 rounds. Unfortunately, BP had around 25 which with a solid performance, were able to secure a solid 3-0 victory winning all 3 rounds. Thank you for the action! Options: 20 vs 20 Fatality Kills:50 Blunt Purez Kills:24 Options: 20 vs 20 Fatality Kills:50 Blunt Purez Kills:39 Knockout, Won, No Opts/Vid available unfortunately, Jon file corrupted. 23-25 starting tho ~ @Jon ~
  6. I am so glad that you are this concerned about my well-being. It genuinely makes me feel warmth towards some of the people in this community. You are a good person and I wish nothing but happiness for you.
  7. fo"e" will never close, however they will go through adversity for quite some time
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