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  1. That was the weakest FO I have come across in my 9 years (on and off) of clanning. Legitimately embarrassed to have been a previous rank of that clan, how far they have fallen is pitiful.
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Friday, August 23rd, 2019; Today, the Outrage, massed up, leaving with 40 dragons (later peaking at 44) that were ready to take on any clans who entered the wilderness today. Luckily for us, something we have been waiting for quite some time presented itself to us. FO, yes FO, who today were within our pull range that we were eager to fight as they have continued to decline our matched clan wars fights for the past 2 months. We were aware that fighting them deep in the wilderness would result in a mass amount of mains from their end, still, it didn't prevent us from taking them head on, as we were fully confident in our ability to kill their pures, which we did with complete and utter ease. Logged in to FO's world who were spread at white plat, rushed them and wrapped them immediately killing their entire center as well as north side, eventually met the rest of them south who failed to meet the same amount of kills in their wrap. From there on out we pushed them around GDZ the entire time with no effort at all. Unfortunately for their sake they couldn't manage to get back up to more than 20 in game the entire time so decided to group inside of the GDZ hut which we moved into without hesitation. After five minutes of fighting, we took complete ownership of the hut as FO were fully cleared. Outrage Starting: 40 FOM Starting: 43 Outrage Ending: 35 FOM Ending: 0 As we have said time and time again, when we have the same numbers, you will never ever beat us, no matter how hard you try.
  3. respect to having close to nothing but 1 def and still winning gz on your win
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