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  1. these pulls are crazy, huge props to you guys
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube On this rather fine Sunday, Outrage set out with a solid 45 dudes. So far as P2P Sundays go, we had about as much action as possible in between all the crash/tele fests. spark adam Rushed Apex west of FOG and gave them the big own. Set up a fight against Fatality on 26 hill down opts, with some good movements and piles, we brought them down to roughly 15 ingame before the fight was crashed by everyone and their mother. Gf dudes. Outrage Starting/Ending: 42/33 Fatality Starting/Ending: 49/15 Rolled up to hit Apex/Onslaught at a cluster in Falador and gave big own. Set up one last fight against Fatality at FOG, this time it was a lot more even. After a bunch of clans tried to crash we moved the fight to CA and had some kind of barrage war until Rage hit with 90.
  3. lmfao kid is a fucking clown, wasnt that spastic coming to our pkris vidding for us until he got told off by his ranks?
  4. all that talk? you started shit with our clan for no reason, we matched your pull and decimated you every, single, fucking time, you then go ahead and cancel your trips for an awful pull and couldn't even hang with us in the wilderness so bad to a point where we literally bullied you into a safe minigame to fight rage in order to save that poor pathetic excuse of a trip lmfao now you're camped by 100 mains and have the audacity to type all that talk? l00l, let's hope those mains get bored soon so you can continue to get kyp'd like the dog you are, down 20 we'll bully you in single, even opts we'll bully you in multi, up 10 we'll force you to clan wars
  5. why u guys still bringing tanks to trips?
  6. action packed as frick, thanks all for the action and also, resistance, if you guys want action, we can set up some 1v1s, dont let getting perfected last week discourage you, crashing fights and claiming fake wins is just papering over the cracks
  7. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 12th, October; Outrage massed up for our weekly F2P Trip, peaking at around 42 members. Trip today was extremely action packed with a bunch of 1v1 tussles with Fi and some clusters. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 41 Fatality Ending: 20? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? The first fight of the day was set up against Fatality, they rushed us from the south and had a back and fourth fight until Resistance crashed and got owned were we easily 2 vs 1 and eventually took the W as both clans ran into singles and logged out. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage ending: 33 Fatality Starting: 42 Fatality Ending: 29 The second fight of the day took place on corp hill with FI rushing us again. We had a great fight going back and fourth with FI until we started taking them down, Legacy then decided to crash the fight with about 15 tanks which resulted in both clans moving into singles. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 43 Fatality Ending: With about 30ish on the telespot whilst we pushed RS into singles Resistance Starting: 45 Resistance Ending: 20? LOL We set up another fight at west bandits against FI and fought back and fourth for a few minutes before once against Resistance tried to crash the fight where we quickly took control over resistance and bringing them down to 25 in game before they went to single. Outrage Starting: 40 Outrage Ending: 30 Fatality Starting: 45 Fatality Ending: ? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? We once again set up a fight at bandits with Fatality, We went back and fourth going up and downs opts for several minutes before we started taking control and bringing their numbers down. Resistance then crashed from the west with Supremacy crashing from the east, we quickly ran far west into singles and began dropping their guys left behind in multi, after an attempt in fighting us in singles failed miserably, they then ran far north and eventually went into multi, we followed through and began to pound on them, after a clan crashed Resistance found themselves down opts and left as they couldn't handle another humiliating defeat. For the last hit of the day we decided to give resistance exactly what they wanted and rushed them mid fight. They immediately ran from us into single and logged out before they would have went from 45 to 0 in game.
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