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    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    Hello readers, We, the staff team of Sloth Empire would like to introduce ourselves. As individuals representing all corners of pure clanning, we come together in the mutual interest of clw activity to benefit both those who are invested in the growth of both themselves and the overall bracket's participation in clw. We hope that our values and interests are already shared by many and we hope to see more feel the same way in the coming months. What is Sloth Empire ? Simply put, we would like to extend the opportunity for anyone of any skill level interested in P2P clan wars the chance to participate with us or against us in the mutual benefit that action and individual improvement are the goals for both those participating with us and who we are fighting. We have no interest or ambitions to be a 'super team', instead looking to help provide further action in P2P clw and assist those looking to up their game as stated above. With a balanced contribution by nearly all active LPC clans, we hope the equal representation will aid in our goals moving forward. Discord: http://www.discord.gg/vs7P9jr Tyen xoxo Apex Reas ~Sloth Empire Staff TL;DR New prep team, anyone is welcome - the more variety of members from different facets of the pure scene the better.
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    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    mm yes grats
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    Forsaken vs Vintage - PvM Comp

    well done forsaken gamers