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  1. whats awkward is getting dominated for 100% of a rivalry and then piping up l0l
  2. J-Blazer

    cwa 40 Rage Vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Whatever clan Spiral is in, one thing is for sure. He will be a slave rank
  3. what's also impressive is you're back to pulling 30s LOL
  4. J-Blazer

    next best p2p clan?

    its defo not Fi - they are like 1-10 vs IR in p2p preps this year
  5. writing losing topics in your spare time, gj
  6. J-Blazer

    announcement Free money for your clan - Clan twitch

    IR pioneering the scene nothing new here
  7. J-Blazer

    Really nice to see

    sup dogs back in their place on a leash pulling 40s (20s soon) this is what you are when a clan isn't merged into you
  8. J-Blazer

    Pure clan list

    get a life
  9. J-Blazer

    Nawe wins again

    @Roman win something you fat mess 7-1 l0l
  10. TLP fucking suck lmfao
  11. J-Blazer

    TLP re-opening

    u think people care about what you think "the focus" should be? LOL
  12. won the first round.. then blew a +5 lead in the next two...
  13. The last 3 preps IR have had vs supx.. screaming "prep us" every day from your moms basement doesn't make you better Feb 2019 Jan 2018 Jul 2017 congratz on finally winning a round after so long