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  1. heard fat jizz massed a whole 1 to snipe returners LOL
  2. heard you breaking soon spiral my son

    and edgi broke smh

    i pick lesboG to bully next

    1. Tribey0


      The whole clan broken lmfao they aren't going to be in multi for longer than 2 minutes

    2. Tribey0


      Leave him alone hes sufferd enough

    3. Royce


      pick me pls

  3. LOL did this nigga actually write this 🤣
  4. rage low stamina clan you will never keep up lil niggas i sonned half of your rank structure my lil boys

  5. edgi gonna call me to cry after this one man
  6. been banned from discord from almost 9 months now (with appeal denied) strictly due to your bias its shit like that, that makes me glad this is happened lmao you yourself multiple times have slown down the progress of the pure community
  7. Sure can we get a response to any of our prep declerations (we can also full out if you want) and YES you can bring vennies! lesboG read the topic but didnt respond
  8. @BvGlesbo g sending his dogs still too scared to reply himself ahahahah broken fag
  9. @BvGleak foe audio btw theres some funny ass parts get the rainz flame in there (dont forget the ending)
  10. @Bluewatchsaw this coming before any of yall niggas man...
  11. just came back to say af kyle hasnt lead af to a victory in the main scene since reopening (VERY bad idea) and now he’s losing to lpc’s. next version of af to close n reopen about to lose to xlpc envy hassan man
  12. idk how they werent ready, they spent all week prepping with mains and vennies for this foe found out after mass that they were using mains regardless and logged some in just a bad clan!
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