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King Koer Jr

pure/weekend AAO end Envys trip in under 45 minutes (AUDIO LEAKS)

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On July 6th, 2018, the ranks of Envy thought it would be a great idea to stir the pot up with AAO. We have had a constant watch out for Envy for as long as 4 months now and felt that it was better to build a healthy competitive scene rather than pick on the new kids on the block. We knew Envy would have a rough time adjusting to the new LPC scene so we offered help and assistance. But it seems as though some of the Envy ranks took our kindness for weakness. The AAO rank team have tried to be reasonable through all of the immaturity and blatant propaganda Envy have been so keen to throw around, well now it's our turn.

Today AAO left varrok church with 50 cubs, later peaking at 60 to take out Envy.




@trajan pov


Envy Audio Leak:



AAO vs Ev #1

Within 10 minutes of leaving our mass location we went on our way to hunt Envy. We knew they were all double logged in on mains but that didn't stop us. We hit them in singles which eventually lead to them going south to not get fully cleared lol?


After waiting almost half an hour for Envy to re-mass and pass around more mains they finally decided to rush us in muti. With 15+ EV mains on AAO, we still managed to get a 10 man lead before EOP crashed. Easy as fuck lol

AAO VS EV - Final Fight

EV learning from the previous fight decided to stay below level 10 and spam us lol. We patiently waited in their homeland (hills hut) and after 10 minutes the fight commenced. It literally came to a point where we had a 20 man lead, it really was just a laugh fest on our discord. EOP decided to crash at the end leaving 45+ AAO still left on the field in comparison to Envys 20.

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''They have 20 clan friends in there ts i got pictures'', turban guy first of all we dont use ts3, havn't for over a year. Second it was 2 clan friends at trip who left another clan recently.

Accept the full out f2p/p2p pussys

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49 minutes ago, Dynamic said:

how y'all peak at 60 when you pulled 30 with signups last week? gz on action tho

yo dont chat shit loser, go pray to hassan

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