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cwa Resistance vs Onslaught [3-0] P2P PREP

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After a great weekend and fucking on fagtality,  Wednesday rolled around and we setup a P2P Prep against Onslaught, We massed up our finest 26 Resistance Members to fight them. We managed to walk around with the Win. We had great aggression and amazing calling, Thanks to everyone who showed up.


Round 1 (Defending)

Resistance Starting: 26 | Onslaught Starting: 26

Resistance Ending: 19 | Onslaught Ending: 0

Round 2 (Attacking)

Resistance Starting: 25 | Onslaught Starting: 25

Resistance Ending: 21 | Onslaught Ending: 0

Round 3 (PKRI)

Resistance Starting: 24 | Onslaught Starting: 24

Resistance Ending: 17 | Onslaught Ending: 0







Thanks again Onslaught and here is to more preps in the future 🍻

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