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114 Fatalians destroy the entire pure scene ~ Undisputed Kings of F2P ~ Ft. Breaking the Anti Fatality Alliance (128 Z, 30 Sup, 35 Apex & Mains)

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Saturday, September 12th; Fatality massed up and peaked at 114 members strong, ready to take on Zenith once more on this F2P trip. Despite our hopes they would keep the fight clean and free of mains, Zenith took a different route, flooding their cape counter with countless accounts irrelevant to the fight, and camping our pures in their full rune. Even though we would be down opts, we proved, once again that Fatality is unbreakable. We would end up playing bully in a 2 hour return fight against Zenith, Supremacy ( 30 man pull in zenith's cape rofl ), Apex ( 35 man pull also rofl ), mains that Zenith officials have been desperately trying to get a hold of through multiple previous clan discord communites (cd & eop)  (https://i.imgur.com/5Z4VSwC.png) and insecure pure clanners ( 5 from foe ) they invited to come hit us leading them around the wilderness like dogs on a leash. It's clear Zenith can't compete in this fight alone today, or any other. After cleaning up what was left of Zenith and Friends, we paid Legacy and Rage a visit, respectfully putting an end to their day. We left the wilderness with 100 members after the two short hours ready for more with nobody else standing.






The start of the return fight started as Zenith chose to rush on top of Sperm hill. They maintained positioning on sperm for awhile before we would pull the fight to the northern volcanoes and then north again to 26 hills. At this point Zenith's ptsd kicked in so hard they made a bee-line back to CA where we chased them down picking off every sad masser left behind. At this point, Supremacy would have ended their trip and start returning for Zenith in their capes. However, it made no difference, and we  stayed north continuing to brutalize any Zenith who walked forward. Apex stopped by trying to snipe us with their capes off (rofl) but we would scim them and send them scattering back to single each time. We continuously tried to pull Zenith out of the center of CA so we would be able to hit all their low levels, every time we would pull to sperm they would end up scurrying back down to CA. As we pulled the fight to horseshoe Rage came to crash, sending Zenith scurrying to single. We walked our dogs down the single strip until they decided to step foot into multi.



Once Zenith felt confident enough to edge back into multi, we eagerly followed them to hills hut. Seeing as opts were matched in game as demoralized Supremacy members stopped returning in Z capes, we began pushing them around a bit steadily gaining momentum. Zenith quickly started running back to sperm as we followed their clump, picking off any stragglers. Once we resumed our fight back at sperm we steadily moved  the fight ontop of 26 hills taking the high ground, and steadily going up 10, 20, and eventually 30+ over Zenith. At this point, Zenith relied again on their allies in Apex to come aid them.


A few times we would pull off and scim Apex back to the single where they belong, and returned our focus to the remaining Zenith. We went to pull the fight north once more but as we were doing so Zenith would would run south attempting to logout. We chased every member left from 26 hills all the way to CA before returning north, unbroken, unshaken, and with full opts to clean any straggling Zenith members that missed the memo to logout.





~ Tanqe






















Let this be a reminder to you, that no matter how many you pull, no matter how many people you bring to help aid you, killing Fatality is something NO CLAN will ever accomplish on this game. You will continue to end your trips before us, you will continue to sweat over the fact that mass recruiting and sucking the dicks of everyone you possibly can get a hold of is the only way you will have relevance in this scene. Thank you for giving us motivation to login to this game once more, best of luck and make sure to keep it in game.



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Just now, Crusher said:

Nice losing topic FI. Vid just shows u being down 80% off time and getting cleared and then tapping out of the fight to take some fake ending pics.

hahahaha you have to beg mains to come help you and have sup+apex with you just to fight haha

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