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⚔️prep Fatality vs Rage ~ P2P Prep ~ 3-0

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Wednesday November 18th; Fatality massed up 36 Pure Elites ready to take on Rage in a late notice P2P Prep. We came out with a strong attacking round, and followed it up with two more strong rounds to secure a 3-0 victory over Rage. Thanks for another P2P Prep, its always a pleasure prepping you. 



Fatality Starting: 26 - Rage Starting: 26

Fatality Ending: 16 - Rage Ending: 0


Fatality Starting: 26 - Rage Starting: 26

Fatality Ending: 15 - Rage Ending: 0


Fatality Starting: 25 - Rage Starting: 25

Fatality Ending: 20 - Rage Ending: 0







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 ░░░░▄ blunt pureZ ▄░░░░░░░

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