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⚔️pure [VOTE] Community Event

What type of event would you like to see for the holidays?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. What event would you like to be apart of?

    • EU Vs USA
    • Snowball Event
    • Bronze 2h Fights
    • Last clan standing FFA in the Wilderness
    • Other (post below and I can post another poll on discord.)

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  • Poll closes on 12/02/21 at 02:00 AM

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Holidays are around the corner. My favorite time of year for clanning is seeing events related to holidays being set up.  Some of you may have never experienced a high-op snowball fight, so I posted some examples at the bottom of how one is conducted and the different opts in all of the videos. 

Last Clan/Team Standing FFA in the Wilderness. We would have bots scattered around the area of the fight to conclude the winner.

There is a high chance that clan leaders may not want to partake, but, if the community wants to take part in events. Any of them can be set up similar to EU Vs USA. 

Snowball Fights originate from Pre-EOC! 






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12 minutes ago, Jus10 said:

Not a single autist here is interested in anything other than mini/prepping the same 3 clans because they’re afraid of fi/rage lol

when u begin your point with not a single autist.. you lost your audience already..


OT: Terror will always participate in well coordinated community events

Edited by Lord Ex

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