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Fi Terrorist

⚔️weekend FATALITY #1 P2P SUNDAY 11/21-Ft. The Start of fo's Next Closing Topic!

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Sunday, November 21, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 60 true elite pures  for our weekly P2P PK Trip. 

Today Fatality set up with 60 of the best pures in the game hyped for what today had instore for us. With fo having canceled their Saturday trip to try and focus on Sunday Fatality knew that they couldn't hide today. Unfortunately fo underdelivered once again, seeing how they haven't had actual fights without the aid of their shitty alliance in over a year. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that k2p admitted he is not capable of leading without Adhi or the fact that Adhi came out of retirement to put on such a shitty performance today. Hiding in level 5 wilderness with their level 70 accounts logged in they refused to fight after getting all their main accounts farmed for over 2 hours. Better start making your members train meds again because you guys straight up are fucking dogshit at this game. Fucking shit clan and I can't wait to close fo again!


Fatality vs FO

Fatality potted up and was ready for war. With fo  avoiding us for the start of the trip we thought they just hyped their trip up to waste their elders time again. Fatality knew that fo would have to fight us eventually though or else this would be for sure the last time any of those losers came out of retirement again. It's always funny listening to fo ranks panic when their backs are against the walls and their girlfriends abusing them like we did to them today. 

The Fight started out with Fatality crashing a fight between Bp and zenith. After Mother Fatality absolutely steamrolled the zenith pures we worked our way towards sperm to fight Bp. The started moving north because real clans aren't afraid to fight above 10 wilderness. We heard from one of our birds that fo was planning to log in south of us and try to finally fight us after avoiding us for over 1 year! I wanna give a sincere apology to all you fo elders that showed up today just to get raped by Fatality I hope you guys can walk tomorrow! We Started smoking fo right off the get go forcing them to run all over the map to try and get us between them and Bpfo not realizing the only people that were going to help them today was the 15 sup members that were in their cc. Knowing that fo was going to be trying to get some propaganda as momentum to keep their clan open just a little longer Fatality decided that we were going to call off work tomorrow if we had to. Poor quality members and shitty leadership is truly displayed everyone videos today in why fo can't compete with one of the few real clans left #Fatality. After waiting in 10 wilderness for fo to come up from level 2 wildy we heard they decided to log out and end the trip! No stamina clan is exactly what we expected from the K2p era of fo. Worst performance from any clan all year better pm nox and get back in 1 item with him or maybe just put on Fatality cape next week because that's the closest you will ever get to be us! Hopefully some of your shit elders show up some more so can really see what has happened to fo under the reign of K2p l0l. Thank you for the free loot and thank you for boosting our KDA you dumb pigeons.






fc1de38172d7880eb7a6d08a5b5284b6.pngr1rB8FW.png  5295e285ad984d3ed756a2fe8963d13c.pngd7b6a2839e3fbb160b5edf537f0522bb.png










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fo is nothing compared to what it used to be. think the whole community expects to see your leadership do what it takes to officially put this clan to rest for good. 

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1 minute ago, ELEKTHEGREAT said:

Lmfao love how the ending shows both the real fight loc and where they took their fake ending. 

Whoever took this vid isn't happy with how things unfolded it's quite obvs

The end spam at level 7 wilderness LOOOOOL

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1 minute ago, Steroids said:

looks like Fi got farmed all trip and teamed with bp? l00000000000l when will you shitters ever fucking learn 

your clan is dead and bringing back your elders and retireds for this "hype" trip backfired in every possible way it could


Nice fake ending pic at level 7 wilderness btw LOL


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