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When you wanted to talk to the leader of fo and..


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@TURBOSMOKER( @K2P) refused to jump on voice with me last night after I just wanted to have a friendly conversation, instead he typed this novel while I made him uncomfortable and then tried to clip audio from that conversation and post a topic about it. smh.


A leader of fo intimidated? to speak to just a lowly Fatalty member....very strange occurence. 


Anyways...here is @K2Pbeing socially awkward and typing back to me while I spoke to him.


Hopefully we can have an actual voice convo soon!





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1 hour ago, Moleman said:

You really got baited didn't you...

Dude atleast try to act like you are sb staff, aren't you supposed to be above this shit? 



But to address your point, what was meant to happen with a civil conversation turned into @TURBOSMOKER( @K2P) trying to spin the narrative. Hope that answers your question :)

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15 minutes ago, Republic1 said:

LMFAO. what happened to every weekend? man you really are a cosplaying piece of trash LOOOOL.

I'll be there ready to kill rev + rage + heroes dw

no1 can hit u bro youre on level 64s l0l. me = on main. its clear who the real minion clan is!!

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