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  1. CT got smoked quicktime, imagine being told to suicide donate your sets waiting for another clan to mass. godbless
  2. u know they won't remember being roled by foe, but the 2 year long humiliation by SOUPREMACY
  3. r u the kids that always get 1 hit in revs, ty.
  4. u realise ur slogan 'feed em to the lions' was literally a song from a master rapist pedo geezer.
  5. sup have won every trip for the last 2 years against IR pal, inabit.
  6. gf veng, it was pretty one sided, but not in your favour
  7. They shouldn't avoid preps for months, maybe they'd put up a better fight. Keep practising Apex, you'll get there!
  8. all them salad robes n addy helms. godbless what jokers
  9. y everyone in such welfare gear when everyone has bills on bs
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