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  1. nice cd members in your capes. shit you hurt my feelings by calling me a freak
  2. since you didn't add me, i guess you're going to live with you inability to count
  3. finest can't count Yevty#2611 if you wanna learn
  4. congrats on pulling more than 50 for the first time in 5 months.
  5. i remember gwasing you retards all day long.
  6. can you make the text bigger please, no one can read it
  7. i've been clanning while you were flunking grade 1 math. i'm better than you, so accept it.
  8. you still can't count. DM me on discord sometime and i'll teach you xoxox. if it was up to me, i would prep u guys, cause you guys ain't good.
  9. i guess education is pretty poor in your neck of the woods. i'm sure there are some very educational and helpful videos on youtube about counting.
  10. 120 pures and smoked you retards before you had to call CD L000000000L. you guys also got gwased today like x2 by us. keep thinking you actually accomplished something retard. remember that i am better than you.
  11. i hope you don't call on trips or have ever been a rank. you're too fucking stupid to understand much at all. 120 pures on sat, 85 on sun. keep inviting cd punks, retard.
  12. we pulled 85 today. we had 120 yesterday, while you had 100. cape counters are not always accurate, but teamspeak is. when did 111 become 125-130? cd attending your f2p trip with fi capes.
  13. Have you looked at the photo? Holy shit you don't know what you're talking about, jesus. Why are you so stupid and misinformed about everything? Think before you speak, ape. We pulled 120, you guys pulled 100. You had CD members join you trip under your cape and help you.