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  1. Pkown

    yo legacy

    p2p prep us. we'll even allow you guys to wear skillcapes.
  2. Pkown

    Who would win in a fullout

    foe sup ly outrage
  3. is that this weeks excuse? look at your own topic, you guys have pics with 10 pures and 20 mains for your shit clan, lol. you had 20-30 pures all trips and the rest were mains. keep hiding in singles.
  4. Pkown

    Has CD ever won a rivalry?

    cd is shit.
  5. Pkown

    weekend Legacy Fathers Day Trip - Putting CD In Time Out ft FOE/FI

    cd is shit
  6. cd brought mains in ly capes and took photos, so they could justify on bringing an army of mains to hit us.
  7. Pkown

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    you're lucky you can pull 30
  8. Pkown

    it comes to no suprise

    cd is broken
  9. Pkown

    weekend Legacy P2P Sunday Smoke

    cd is shit
  10. you're the like the annoying girlfriend who just keeps spewing bullshit. you're so bad. can't wait to camp you on pk trips