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  1. Monday action looking better than the weekends lol. Goodjob Rage
  2. Hit up Outrage for official/unofficial events. Good luck, always liked ur gfx btw.
  3. Goodjob Supremacy. Ingame activity is what a clan is for and you guys are setting the example!
  4. When u guys came in a fall in during our fight just spectating...sht was hilarious lmfaooo
  5. Was about to say the same thing, that intro was dope as fuck. Good luck boys
  6. Now the opts are even and FOE wants to run away....shame 😕
  7. Really close matches. Good to see lower opts fights like this,they look so much better than higher opts. Good job boys, Thanks Supremacy for the fight!
  8. What do you mean? Im just a Founder lol. I don't even play the game like that. No troll, can you explain? SV mains were with Outrage or something?
  9. This is wild. When clans become worse than no honor what's the point lol.
  10. Sshocked this wasnt crashed instantly. Good job you guys, keep doing events like this. Hopefully this becomes the norm
  11. Some of those looked close, good job boys
  12. Some of those looked close, good job boys
  13. Looked like alot of pussy footing from both sides but lord at 5:06 you run away and get a fall in...how can you even explain that...
  14. GDZ fights again? Goodjob community, nice to see you guys are switching it up. Nice job boys, looked like you dominated today 👍
  15. Good job Supremacy. You guys never use my gfx though D:
  16. Love the feeling when you start something, and the rest kinda makes itself lol. Animated stuff is fun as hell XD Shameless plug to my gallery:
  17. Moni the only nigga to use my graphics i swear lol
  18. Oof...guess i exposed him :s
  19. Yeah i know, I just remember seeing something familiar awhile back. Looks great tho man
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