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  1. Good lord lol. Didn't know this existed lmfao.
  2. Was fun as hell. Midweeks > Weekends, thanks for the fight Rage 👍🏿
  3. Proof is in the videos. FOE needs to do something lol, just prep already lol Or schedule a midweek
  4. Good stuff. Thanks Supremacy for the event, keep up the activity.
  5. This banner is dope as fuck. Goodjob BP, loving how active clans are getting. Props to LY for fighting down so many opts. Are midweeks the new wave?
  6. Monday action looking better than the weekends lol. Goodjob Rage
  7. Hit up Outrage for official/unofficial events. Good luck, always liked ur gfx btw.
  8. Goodjob Supremacy. Ingame activity is what a clan is for and you guys are setting the example!
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