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  1. Ramie

    Northern vs Fs mini 2-0 sets ft. 2 perfections

    utc has 4 accounts with 4 inferno's fuck off cheats https://gyazo.com/7a29b0f97d2b77f2c9ff08813cfad9d7
  2. Legacy approached us for a P2P mini, accepted and took home the victory Respect for the action, looking forward to more! ~ @Ramie POV
  3. Ramie

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    why is it to the left lmao
  4. Ramie

    For only £10 a month....

    this got released like 6months ago lol..
  5. Ramie

    cwa Fearless vs Legacy F2P PREP 2-1 [35v35]

    ty 4 fights ly respect, looking forward to more
  6. Ramie

    Purchased this cuz I didnt have 1

    https://gyazo.com/084e39a34e6c128a4980aaad29d1a1df O.T pretty clean, looks nice tbh i like it
  7. Ramie

    What happened?

    meanwhile you have to post on a hider account probably because Legacy and fs bully your clan or something lol or have bullied your clan in the past and now you're crying in a corner because your clan has closed l0l
  8. Ramie

    Fearless v Ly P2P mini 2-1

    Legacy Approached us for a P2P mini after our action packed thursday, quickly massed up 10 piglets and took the win back to mother PIG with pride. ty 4 the mini legacy, looking forward to more -Ramie POV
  9. Ramie

    Looking for XLPC clan

    join fearless brother Address:fearless.ts3chat.com
  10. lmfao xlpc is just mini's in the wilderness l0ll0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l