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  1. Damn 30v30 that late on a Wednesday. Most of you guys west coast? Looked fun, but maybe next time you guys set something make it apex pures and don't put a cap on the amount Apex have.
  2. Easy fight, I knew I had to go at 3:00pm for a few hours but we demolished you so fast I didn't even need to let the boys down.
  3. I don't know what happened Zenith. I can't believe a clan lead by Hormone would be pulling this off. In Doom he was a good dude and we always smashed CD. Now the same clan he is leading is calling mains and more specifically CD tanks to kill FI. Jesus.
  4. IDK, but no one in Fi cares about doxing. They aren't losers and who something to hide.
  5. I don't see how anyone but Z officials and apex/sup think they won. You rushed us with 115 and jumped to around 140 seconds later when you brought your mains. I actually enjoy'd being in Doom thought Owl and Hormone were great guys. Seriously hope this can resolved with no mains involved. That being said said it was a fun fight with a few back and forths which always make it more fun when clanning. Fatality definitely won the last 90 minutes or so though. Numbers on the team cape counter dont mean much when there at level 70's who cant attack us at CA, or just get easily one banged. Which is why you guys stood at CA for so long.
  6. All I see is that people in Fatality aren't geeks who play a lot and let the game dictate their life.
  7. Glad my leaders know when to end because they actually have lives. Disgusting that foe asks their members to stand their and dies for hours on a Saturday. Feel bad for the GMTers that actually do it and waste their Saturday night.
  8. Staff only hits 78 with spec.
  9. I doubt it. Maul was never removed and neither was other op weapons that have been in the game.
  10. Accused of sexual assault of a 19 year old woman. If it happened recently, he would be crucified.
  11. Can't believe people are calling him their childhood hero. If this was 12 years ago and the #metoo movement existed he would be beheaded. Its sad what happened, but people are overreacting.
  12. It was CD, I was wondering who they were until people told me it was CD. I don't believe a single Fatality member was flaming because we all want more fights and we know clans won't prep if they get flamed for losing. With that that being said, at least we had gave you 3 rounds. You guys got smacked 2-0 in P2P, at least we gave you 3 rounds because we aren't afraid to lose a fight on a video game we all play for fun.
  13. eop mad because because sup is doing things eop themselves have done for years yikes
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