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  1. It was CD, I was wondering who they were until people told me it was CD. I don't believe a single Fatality member was flaming because we all want more fights and we know clans won't prep if they get flamed for losing. With that that being said, at least we had gave you 3 rounds. You guys got smacked 2-0 in P2P, at least we gave you 3 rounds because we aren't afraid to lose a fight on a video game we all play for fun.
  2. eop mad because because sup is doing things eop themselves have done for years yikes
  3. F2P main clanning was the best best from like 2008-to 2011. So many different roles you can play.... Meele/binder blaster/binder DPS with range/meele fall in leader/caller sniper to attack the other teams binders/blasters so they cant bind you and you can efficiently drag. Wars would last a few hours and clans would know when to end and would not rag.
  4. Doesn't look like it. But very hypocritical that Dull was apart of DDosing/Doxing that ruined Fatality for months when I first joined them years ago. He tried doxing me and failed miserably.. Hypocritical that he's now trying to keep beef in game, but I suppose when you can only talk to girls through a computer screen, you need to defend them anyway possible.
  5. @Finest you should know, you were in Fatality, Elve is a wierdo and only got ranked because he types topics up and puts them on sharkbrew and on Fi forums. He is a slave for the ranks that don't wanna spend time making topics of every single pk trip/weekend trip we have. Don't understand why we are beefing with you guys either. And I find it hilarious that the people in fatality that are talking shit about siege were on discord at night joking around with people like robbyy/matt/marwan/ yourself included. Irks me to say the least. I didn't like Couck's topic about Matt for several reasons, one of them being he's actually ill and second off we promoted him now people are shit talking him. I seriously wish you guys didn't leave because Marwan and the rest of you guys were awesome for the community. Part of me hopes you guys close soon, that way things are back to normal and you guys can rejoin Fatality. But the way people like Elve are acting, I doubt you would rejoin if Siege does close and I wouldn't fucking blame you. As Robbyy said, the bridges have been burnt. That's the sad part of it all.
  6. I didn't attend alot of the trip because Oklahoma was coming back against Texas with 20 straight points. The only fight I was there for, Fatality smashed Siege in F2P gear. You can clearly see it in your video at the 0:38 second mark when everyone is in F2P gear. The only time Siege gains a lead is when so many siege members died that they returned in multi spells so you gained the lead. At that point there was no point in fighting in p2p gear since it is F2P Saturday, No doubt Siege destroyed Fatality in P2P gear because they returned fast in P2P gear. Btw you had Misfits ranks with you on your opening trip in F2P, after they claim they are a P2P clan. Found that comical. Like I said, I was only there for the one fight and was back top watching College football.
  7. Imagine, you were just coming out of moms womb. I just took a look at those forums. HOLY fuck Mike and Nodari are still around? Anyword on Evizu @Sparze
  8. All misfits has to due is apologize for Zee thinking he was funny. The person who started this rivalry has even bailed on you when you guys are struggling. That should speak volume itself. End this rivalry so you can continue recruiting players at Revs and not have them leak to FI for a few mill and then leave lol. @BackWoodsL it's time for you to join Fatality.
  9. Shadow Elves Pizza party
  10. Ah yes, another prep, another day Paddy sits, another prep fi are big winners. Coincidence? I think not.
  11. I heard misfits was busy fighting aao in Fally/Barb while the big boys like Fi were fighting at GDZ
  12. We have standards. We kick scammers/hackers/doxers (the member we had for 7 years scammed 1bill of an app and he was removed. No one believes anything Zee says on your teamspeak. There was 2 envy members with us the day Zee said half of our pull was Envy. Anything to make up an excuse. Keep doing your stupid as bubbles impersonation on teamspeak though, maybe that will cheer up your members. Messing around on someones runescape account? He kicked everyone from "Fatality" cc, many of them looking to join a clan. You're sitting here talking about a dying community and your clan leader is kicking potential members out of a pure clan's cc. Get over yourself, and please, tell your leader to stop trying to make himself look successful on internet, he's living a sad life, but no need to act cool because there's a keyboard in front of him.
  13. Your clan closed means there's less hackers and people like Zee. You think I care what a Jew and a man that has a foot fetish thinks LMFAO????
  14. I would say its because you're leader thought it would be funny to go on a hacked account and kick all members from Fatality CC. Stop crying, you get what you deserve
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