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  1. We got the smoke fam stfu and get a job... you literally scam people for 40m... $40... poor guy
  2. I don’t understand why the fearless kids are so obsessed with outburst.. I’m better looking than y’all get over it 

  3. If you looking for a fun community come  try outburst out.. the sky is the limit 

  4. True facts: The F2P trip today was awesome. I still don’t get why fearless bring mains to a clean scene..

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    2. WarChild
    3. Stewbert


      There was more than one @Deviants

    4. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      ill hold my breathe waiting for both the evidence and you to come teamspeak and chat with me

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  5. Missed it.?/,-,/ looked like fun!
  6. My account private you’d have to follow me to see bb
  7. Money can’t fix ugly follow me on ig jordanm777.. I’m pretty af
  8. ???? I didn’t get my masters but I’m taking classes towards it and I low balled my earning by a little
  9. I made $62,000 last year working two jobs stacking cake living at home grabbing my masters as well while you sat at home babysitting your cousin worrying about what lalo thinks about you
  10. I heard the only kid ob hates is the kids from vanquish.. reborn to kill says dude way too much and alex lost so many preps to lalo he quit going to junior college
  11. I’d join fs if they derank you tbh.. your banter is awful atm and were bullied so hard by lalo you follow him around like a puppy dog and do whatever he says.. grow a pair.
  12. Didn’t supremacy smoke your account and get it 39 defense?
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