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  1. You can't keep a clan open for more than a week you retard
  2. Dillon Howlett


    There's no such thing as mains only super pures...smh 2k18 clanners
  3. Dillon Howlett

    xlpc Bad Timing

    I bullied all versions of envy and bv into closing in less than 3 weeks so I think bt still beats envy on that
  4. Dillon Howlett

    xlpc Bad Timing

    Shoutout to byron
  5. Dillon Howlett

    Zo Rage

    Supremacy been irrelevant for like 5 years buddy
  6. Dillon Howlett

    Greatest day in history.

    I beg to differ..i think you forgot about the king of retards hassan
  7. Whos the retard speaking like he's on fast forward or tryna sell some oranges on the street? Any clan is better than all of your shit clans combined LOL
  8. Dillon Howlett

    Picture perfect

    P2p sundays make me wanna neck
  9. Dillon Howlett

    What does Apex think of their mains?

    Just remember that Ace Krave aka the biggest failure at opening clans scammed his own member for 10m to buy 8 mcchickens
  10. Dillon Howlett

    "The Great War"

    You sound broken af LOL pretty cringe of apex letting this guy reply on sb when hes on the same level as hassan and control pker
  11. Dillon Howlett

    Control Pker gwassed by NRG | Audio leak

    this whole topic is pretty cringe
  12. Dillon Howlett

    Do main clans have good quality?

    This is the handicapped kid no one takes seriously in the pure community btw
  13. Dillon Howlett

    [serious discussion] intense robots

    No thanks I enjoy making our enemies cry with my own two hands
  14. ew why the fuck do they all sound like that sounds like a special ed class LOL