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  1. CD - Most active, Most Hated baby

  2. CD - Most active, Most Hated baby

  3. Can't seem to find any ly rats on here lately

  4. All my enemies are dead or dying

  5. Bullied this @Yazkid into being delusional LOOOOL we don't off btw 

  6. Broken shit fucking clan bend the knee you rats Literally walked these retards from draynor to bandits to edge LOL
  7. Haven't you been kicked from almost every clan? thanks for your irrelevant input
  8. Yaz you're bringing it back lol!

  9. I've bullied legashit every single time we fight no wonder its a broken clan desperate for help
  10. Living rent free in every legashit kid's head rn LOL

  11. Killing legashit and winning preps nothing new here
  12. this kid has a nasty ass accent and the cringe attempts at trying to hype his shit clan is hilarious LOOL
  13. no one gives a fuck about posting every aftermath on sb except a few retards
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