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  1. Brad

    xlpc Tribe - xLPC SNIPE TEAM

    You sure did want to open a clan with me two weeks ago lmao. You just want to open a clan to get founder and be inactive.
  2. Brad

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    We are trying my man.
  3. @Scims I love your video btw Nice job  #join ascent

  4. @ScimS I love your video btw Nice job  #join ascent

  5. @Scims I love your video btw Nice job :D #joinascent

  6. Join The best XLPC Pure Clan Ascent! 50-70 Combat.

    Teamspeak: TS.CLAN-ASCENT.NET

    Discord: https://discord.gg/3GtSBng
    Clan chat: Ascent


  7. That's a new one. www.excusemaker.com is working on new Noxious' excuses.
  8. Today Ascent massed up 30 Ascentians, later peaking at 35 Ascentians for another trip. We shortly found out our friends at the Noxious' HQ were broken from yesterday so they cancelled their trip today. Brad's POV
  9. Hold on first it was EoP now it's Envy make up your mind. @Qtp @Brock @Julio @Repa These dudes are lost af.
  10. You got bullied lol. Your discord was so awkward.
  11. Brad

    Julio intro

    hello friend.
  12. @5teel @Yehr @Scim North Remember pm Brad#5339 on discord when you are ready to prep us.
  13. I'm good. I don't care about you beating me in clan wars. Ryan is the homie.