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Status Updates posted by Pker4life

  1. Want to make ezzz mmonies 15m-25m leaking your clans loc? PM for more info. 

    1. Moun


      we know its you pkeru lmfao

    2. porter
  2. Doom pulled 30 ? Lmfao yikers. Foe slumped you that hard? I see closure in your future.

    OB btw

    1. Himsa


      yeah was ez for FOE. GJ taking out the trash for us :D

    2. Moun


      you pulled 28 lmfao pkeru, stop hiding.

  3. I dont even do xlpc but damn bt is getting dicked by ENVY

  4. doom closed already, you're shit.

    1. Mercy


      you must be from one of the clans i own on the regular. feels bad man

    2. exzrts


      I can tell by your writing that this is pleru on a different Sharkbrew acc lmfao.

    3. Mercy


      yes pkeru writes like 10 yr old confirmed

  5. ....let me know when you beat OB fs. You legit killed one person in first round of a prep YOU lost trash

    Lost a mini not even 2 days ago trash

    Overall you're a trash clan. 

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      damn @Kyo hows it feel fearless closing iv and now ob..?

      how many times were you given the chance to join? ;/ smh

    2. Kyo


      idc it's a game man =)

    3. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      damn sucks you cant even enjoy a game..

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  6. PM to make easy money leaking your clans location. (Lpc only) ezzzz monies 

  7. PM to leak your clans locations. Ezz 10-40m monies btw :)   

  8. Want to make easy money leaking and still have fun clanning?

    PM 10-30m ezzz mula

  9. Daily reminder i closed OP was easy and FS is ded af.

    1. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      if u actually think u did ANYTHING to close ANY clan u need some serious help. stay being a +1 in a ded clan in a ded scene.

    2. N uts ack
    3. Papa Bear
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  10. Lmao I give envy a month b4 there hype goes down. I'll like to see all that talk ded clan lmfao. Hey no matter what your quality is dogbrown sticky stuff just like fearless lmfao.

    1. Satans


      Why do you jump between Sharkbrew accounts? How insecure are you lol.

      The irony in calling another clan dead as well, oh lord.


    2. NiggV


      Lmfao i swear outburst wait till we done with CD.

    3. TheReal


      Idk if anyone takes you serious man

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  11. Word in the street is that OP aka ded clan had 10 fearlose membs with em. Hmm... gz I guess? Lmfao

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    2. Brock


      @Broxxx I was High Council Think again wooden teeth drunk, If it wasnt for Judgement and Outlaws your clan would've been closed months ago. hope your booty is lubed up for the spanking this weekend.

    3. Pker4life


      13 minutes ago, Shaka Zulu said:

      Keep this same energy on the weekend OB slaves

      Lmao the only one Slaving is you kid bahahaha. We Ob baby not some refugee homeless loser. We closed you hush up. 

    4. Brock


      @Closing OP. Easy Wasnt you begging my op niggahs to join you two days ago stfu with your dead clan my boy cuz if you dont recruit your going to close faster beready this weekend my nigga you taking another L :) 

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  12. My sole purpose in this game is to close clans, business is business and business is booming  boys :) fearlose next stay tune. 


    Join www.outburst-rs.com

    4 a way out 

    1. Brock


      lmk when you pull 30 to a trip my clan is pulling 50+ pures 

    2. N uts ack
    3. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      yeah not sure what clans u think u close lmao.. justin beiber

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  13. Outburst btw

    1. Satans


      Imagine being so thick your name is Closing OP, and you made a status trying to recruit them, you cant make this stuff up :L :L

  14. To all OP members, ect come to Outburst to kill and destroy FS you're welcome with open arms, no hard feelings. You're next fearlose. Thanks for fights and flames (: I had fun

    1. 416 Magic

      416 Magic

      everyone in fs is cancer lmfao stfu ugly

    2. Lankz


      Stfu pkeru broccoli lmfaoooooo

    3. Lankz


      Stfu pkeru broccoli lmfaoooooo remember what I told you, you wanted this

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  15. afb52a29df1ac1287d10c674a5e97a47.png


    plug the leaks. every clan has leaks in your dead clan lmao 21 man pull 7 leaks. yikes

    1. WarChild



    2. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      Yeah, man. Now that only narrows it down to 15 people!! :o

    3. Lankz


      Your leak already got plugged and his ip sold for 1k rsgold

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  16. Nice pull @Koldkilla97 @RyanTheG @Shaka Zulu @N uts ack nice 21 man pull lmfao!!! Op your so dead brown sticky stuff clan

    1. Pauna


      @Idk Lmfao he actually thought we would fall for it

    2. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      You left mass with less today than you had yesterday peaking at just under 30 and getting hit by daddy Fearless every time you tried to have a fight lol.

    3. XLPC Warlord

      XLPC Warlord

      DoomBurst piping up cuz FS cleared them in every 2v1 this weekend lul

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  17. Lmao op pulled 21 on a sunday??? Yikesssss!!!!! Kyp dogs

  18. Daily reminder op got fucked all week yikes lmfao

  19. lmfao op and fs got destroyed by cd. yikes bahaha

    1. Brutal


      Destroyed by CD?

      My friend, there's like 5-6 clans in Team Cape 7 and you were one of them. LMFAO.

      Keep putting on another clan's cape. You didn't get no action today in your capes 

  20. Lmfao op pulling 100? More like 33. Good luck getting dicked by the xlpc scene you rejects

    1. Kunoo


      doesnt outburst only pull 2 more of op ? lmao

    2. Lankz


      Beg for apex’s help lmfao

  21. Lmao aww. Poopy op cancel a prep cause they got DICKED by OB all week. But prep FS. Yeah lose to them than to us pussy boys. Be scared very scared


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    2. G U L F

      G U L F

      1 hour ago, Lankz said:

      No action for dogs 

      Ty for action

    3. Niblet


      ah yes these op guys are salty that they got spanked in a 30v30 by my snipe team clan lmfao

    4. Pauna


      Put 15s on wait thats our pull

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  22. Lmao. Daily reminder Op dead xlpc clan yikesssss. 


    Join www.outburst-rs.com 4 a way out

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