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    Rosters reacted to Sharkbrew Warrior in Divine vs. Energy - Official 35v35 CW Prep (2-1) Ft. The Fight For The #1 xLPC Clan   
    Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info!
    Teampeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan

    The fight we've all been waiting for...

    On this beautiful Friday, Divine massed up the finest 35 shooters in our golden militia to battle it out against Energy for the #1 xlpc spot.
    All three rounds were fought long and hard by both sides, giving us a real challenge unlike our soon to be closed rivals over at IMT. #NoActionForIMT
    GF and shoutout to NRG for the awesome fun prep. We'll be open to a rematch in the coming weeks! ❤️

    Round One (Defending): LOSS
    Round Two (Attacking): WIN
    DV Starting: 34
    NRG Starting: 34
    DV Ending: 21
    NRG Ending: 0
    Round Three (PKRI): WIN
    DV Starting: 36
    NRG Starting: 36
    DV Ending: 29
    NRG Ending: 0

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    Rosters reacted to PICwarior381 in Bad Timing Presidents Day Out   
    Just for you Marko Penn - Lucky
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    Rosters reacted to R4ngeTAP in Energy brings tanks to xLPC sunday   
    Name of the clan you're disputing:
    Disputed topic url(topic must include media and a summary of the trip in order to be considered a typical aftermath topic):
    URL to your own same day event aftermath:
    will update when made
    Screenshot & Video evidence

    Optional fall in
  6. Good Banter
    Rosters reacted to N uts ack in Immortal catches Divine/Energy 1v1 & shows the scene why they team [xLPC Wildy KINGS]   
    Didn’t u only kill 3 in a matched fight with divine? 
  7. Good Banter
    Rosters reacted to GargantousGiant in EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!   
    Clan Information:
    Clan Chat - EV Lobby
    Forums - https://envy-rs.com/
    Teamspeak - envyrs.teamspeak3.org
    Discord - https://discord.gg/fSvm7T

    About us:
    EnVy is a 5 year old pure clan which was opened by former ranks of another pure clan Bloody Vikingz.
    We take great pride in our community and have a strong core on the back of this, a core which we are always looking to add to!

    Rank structure:





    EnVy takes great pride in it's fun events which we have in our community, the big dick bandits are back to shit on the scene. Want to join up? Pm me. 
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    Rosters reacted to Meet Them With Scims in BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs   
    That's true though, you only killed 3 ppl in a 32v32 in a prep withot overheads lmao

  9. Good Banter
    Rosters reacted to Aaronn in BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs   
    Looks like sand monkey elmir has found some new ass to lick now hassans gone
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    Rosters reacted to Pro Binds in BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs   
    Gratz on your 10m.
    Whats funny is that you really can't beat divine matched ops 😂 Not even lying there
  11. Poggers
    Rosters reacted to Vaultz45 in Any IMT Rank+   
    For any member/rank that is willing to work with our leadership by leaking any intel Discord/Logs/Audio pm or hl any Energy rank
    We'll be releasing some intel in the next few weeks about your clan, exposing weak leadership and how your clan is paying other snipe teams to help you on trips.
    @Imt members Leave your clan before it's too late.

     to make some $$$ PM STICK#5157 BROCK#4834 for a way out
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    Rosters reacted to Propaganda Spreader in Immortal Vs. The Rat Alliance - Divine + Energy bullied to Varrock Sewers   
    Does your vidder die on purpose so you can conveniently cut out losing clips?
  13. Poor Banter
    Rosters reacted to The Punisher in Immortal Vs. The Rat Alliance - Divine + Energy bullied to Varrock Sewers   
    Today Immortal left mass with 60 members. Initially we rushed both clans in Varrock Sewers PvP and rolled over them. Afterwards they moved it to the wilderness in which we would rush either Divine or Energy and as expected they would off each other and only focus us. We managed to clear both clans in the few times they weren't standing next to each other in a fall in. 
    After The Rat Alliance realised wilderness wasn't an option, Divine and Energy went back to their homeland, Varrock Sewers. What followed next was a 2 hour orgy of mains, high leveled pures, and shit clans teaming. The teaming continued inside their rat lair however we made easy work of them and ended our trip not wanting to get ragged by mains in our capes for the next 3 hours. Shoutout to Divine for dropping from their 60 pull last week to 35 this week. 
    If you're interested in joining Immortal, go to www.Rs-Imt.com and click Discord. Message an Overlord to join. 
    Please watch the video to make your own assessment.


  14. Thanks
    Rosters got a reaction from C h r i s in Bad Timing   
    Gl Bt
  15. Thanks
    Rosters got a reaction from C h r i s in Bad Timing   
    Gl Bt
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    Rosters reacted to Sharkbrew Warrior in A Step in the Right Direction   
    Join xlpc and forget this bullshit thanks!
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    Rosters reacted to Meet Them With Scims in Control Pker gwassed by NRG | Audio leak   
    I didn't plan to release any audio from Anonymous because they seem to be the most irrelevant clan in the xlpc community (they only rival xl LMAO), however, AC's High Council "Tanked" were ragging one of NRG ranks yesterday on his tank for no reason, so I decided to punish them real quick.
    This will not stop until Tanked is banned from AC.
    Midweeks, preps, weekends, inners, anything. We will be there to crash the party.

    Let's see if you put your money where your mouth is, Toe.
    Let this be a warning to anyone out there trying to do stupid shit against us.
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    Rosters got a reaction from Phebz in MAGA Catholic Students "Harass" Native American   
    Joe Rogan has a good segment on his podcast about it. 
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    Rosters reacted to Maxx in Why do we clan?   
    I think we're all getting caught up in tribalistic behaviour, we hate our enemies so much that we are willing to give up the core reason we all play this game. To have fun.
    This machiavellian way of running a clan might keep your clan open, but its killing the scene rapidly and every root of it will get infected at some point. It takes a few months before the XLPC guys are stuck in the same patterns. 
    We look at our rivals as rats that need to be wiped out rather than competitors whom you respect. 
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    Rosters got a reaction from Tango Time in [XLPC] DIVINE F2P SUNDAY VS THE WORLD   
    Glad you guys merged. More action
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    Rosters reacted to Tyendinaga in Regarding the future of Fatality, and the LPC Bracket.   
    Effective January 26th Fatality will be withdrawing from F2P Wilderness for the foreseeable future. 
    As the only pure clan going out on Saturdays, and no immediate resolution to the main conflict rampant in the other four clans' engagements in sight, we are faced with a difficult decision. Despite our best intentions to remain impartial to all others involved, it becomes clear that regardless of our pull to Saturdays, we will remain the only clan not bringing mains to trips.  The LPC bracket has become wholly intolerant to the principles and fundamentals of actual pure clanning that we strive to adhere by. 
    We urge the leaders of other clans in the community to consider their behavior both in regards to themselves and others moving forward. 
    -Fatality Staff
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    Rosters got a reaction from Tango Time in [XLPC] DIVINE F2P SUNDAY VS THE WORLD   
    Glad you guys merged. More action
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    Rosters got a reaction from Dalton in PD's leader quits when he finds out his e-date was a CT spy   
    Frankly speaking, you're beating a dead horse if the next "6 parts" are all about Moses frantic e-dating behavior. Moses was just trying to get some pussy, sheesh.