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  1. Neutralgreen22

    weekend Sunday: JaJa vs The World

    Sv and whoever they bring with them
  2. Neutralgreen22

    Wilderness Clan of the Month(Winner) - October

    meanwhile sv died and rev is stuck at raids
  3. Neutralgreen22

    Friday: GMT Domination (Rev Smoked)

    weak performance rev, leftover sv members wont save you
  4. Neutralgreen22

    Avalon Scraps VNG ft. Craw's Bow

    nice action
  5. Neutralgreen22

    Ruining SV/REV/DK's Sunday

    Poor rev members having to deal with this kinda leadership lmao
  6. Neutralgreen22

    Saturday FT Revenant Ended 2x

    Rev never had a chance
  7. Neutralgreen22

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    Make sure none of your members pk with SV and you might have a chance, gl
  8. Neutralgreen22

    Wednesday Ending SV/DK

    its ok im sure some sv will get up at 6 am and manage to kill a few pvmers
  9. Neutralgreen22

    [Draw] WG vs VNG - Small P2P PKRI

    gz vng r shit not surprised
  10. Neutralgreen22

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    6 am uok dont have time for that lmao
  11. Neutralgreen22

    Jaja closing

    Sv members gave up on their clan and now sit in dk discord all day for pking LMAO
  12. Neutralgreen22

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

    lmfao gz on 15v15 looks like your members rather pk with DK
  13. Neutralgreen22

    SV trip ended in 5 seconds

    Having fun in dk?
  14. Neutralgreen22

    JaJa defeats SV ft revctdkrot

    Another loss for SV, we1 crying in dereks arms tonight
  15. Neutralgreen22

    Tuesday 2: Ending CT's trip in 20 minutes

    gz on action