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  1. Intense Yak

    New to SharkBrew

    Welcome to the brew
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    Deca Intro

    Welcome to the brew
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    Jihadi Bee Introduction

    Welcome to the brew
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    Guess Who

    Welcome back
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    P00n4ge intro

    Welcome to the brew
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    What's good

    Sup dude, welcome to the forums
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    pkri The Boys vs WAR singles run in

    Looked fun
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    Der Sun

    Sup dude, welcome to the brew.
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    Im Whip

    Yo man, welcome to the forums
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    Apex of Minis

    CWA is a loose translation to skill in the wilderness, as the tactics are pretty different. But matched opts fighting APEX is still a clan that can hold their own in the wilderness.
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    Touqir lmfao
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    Hello Community of Gangstas

    Hey man, welcome to the forums