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  1. Lululeo has done some work for me previously with the W308 Pure Community; Was fast and quality work. Trustworthy guy :)
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today Final Ownage Elite massed up 24 elites, we set our sights on fighting Rage and keeping our midweek dominance going over them but sadly they were nowhere to be seen. The trip started slowly so we farmed vennies making good loot in the process, our scouts managed to find Onslaught and we proceeded to clear them upon log in. With not much competition in the caves we carried on making money and clearing up vennies until we found Onslaught once again, logging into them for the second time they met the same fate as our previous meeting. Our Intel got word that Legacy were massing up to hit us so we took the time to mass up and take the challenge. Once we had found them we positioned ourselves appropriately and hugged the north wall knowing they were far south. As we could see they were trying to bait us into a gwass, we outsmarted them by having 5 elites log in under them causing them to panic and we took our chance to rush into them which quickly led to us taking the advantage and clearing them in a matter of moments. Legacy ended their trip straight after, time wasted thinking they could take us on. Nothing much happened after the fight so we carried on farming vennies and made plenty of gp.
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday, 4th December: Final Ownage Elite massed up 25 elites for our daily trip to revs. We got word that Rage stepped foot in our territory one hour later so we massed up to 40 to kill them. Intel informed us that they were set up at the 30 line so we set up north of them and hopped over to their world. The fight lasted only a few minutes before Rage was easily cleared of the map. It was over within a minute and they gave up returning so we walked away with another victory. We tried to set up another fight at boneyard after completely dismantling them in the caves. They pussied out of fighting FOE and quickly teled out to hide. ~Utc ~Jordai ~Nando 
  4. There's nothing on the website that allows us to see anything in regards to your personal information, whether that be your IP, Passwords, Emails, or Location. You are completely safe when using Sharkbrew. There will be an investigation, we're sorry that you even have a reason to believe you're at risk for potential harm. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
  5. You were banned from XLPC for bringing tanks. BU was banned for using tanks. I warned you many times to drop the tanks or you would be banned, which you (Blood Unit) responded without caring. So, don't act like it's a brand new issue that you did not have coming. I gave you multiple chances to abide by the rules set by everybody else, as of which Blood Unit is now permanently banned from W308 activities and community. This is your own fault, you dug the hole now live in it. Don't attack my Moderators for doing their job when your stupidity and arrogance is the real downfall of your clan. Note: You are welcome back to the discord once a Blood Unit rank reaches out to one of us and verifies closure of Blood Unit.
  6. Minecraft has recently been on the rise in popularity once again. That being said, I've had multiple people suggest the idea of a Sharkbrew hosted minecraft server where we can translate clanning over into a new environment to explore and have new experiences. The server we have in mind will be more than likely "Factions". Factions is essentially what clanning in OSRS is translated to Minecraft. You create a team, claim territory, have wars, raid other clans bases, ETC. This idea sparked interest in some of our community members and I decided to gather some general feedback on whether or not you'd be interested in something like this. As we gain more interest, we'll be open to taking ideas and enlisting in experienced Minecraft players to help make it beyond a meme.
  7. Looks good, needs some minor smoothing to fix the jagged edges. Otherwise, very nice. Good job
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