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  1. Join the RSPS pure community - https://www.etherumps.com/ Chivalry #1
  2. CP Remake "IMT" Trip Summary: 1 hour mass, 30 man pull > 30 minutes of action vs sko ("hide from rage at all costs") > ending in clan wars. (Two weekends in a row and won't stop until you beg for mercy by kissing our dirty feet).
  3. I ragged the guy below me for 30 minutes straight after his clan massed for 1 hour and then got bullied to clan wars for not one but two weekends in a row now to fight SKO ft100 without rage near him lmfao #pussyimt

  4. With a few clans reopening into the LPC scene (FS/CD/TLP), who do you think will last the longest in this era? Comment below your thoughts. CP dead btw.
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