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Found 295 results

  1. Original topic on TR forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/index.php?/topic/254-the-rising-vs-nothing-left-3-0 Setup a cwa vs NL and dominated start to finish. We took the win 3-0 in our favor, and for the first time, I was able to call in round 3. Thanks for the fight NL~ = Round 1 TR - 25 NL - 19 Round 2 TR - 25 NL - 16 Round 3 TR - 25 NL - 13
  2. Lmfao i woke up 20 mins before the event just to demolish NA even with cringe kids cape switching while tyen/nox are stuttering in eachothers mouths ty for the free 3-0, wasn't hard and won't ever be hard. dogshit region.
  3. Massed up 20 gorillas for a p2p big mini vs supremacy took a good 2-1 win over supremacy. gf sup
  4. Organised a CWA battle with the Swedish gamers , 3 rounds being F2P and 1 being P2P. All rounds were fairly competitive ending up taking the 4-0 W. Thanks for the battle ! Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  5. cc: The Rising For today we set up a clan wars battle versus Vengeance. First 2 rounds we did single spells. 3rd round we ended up doing multi spells with max gear (55def cap). Won all 3 rounds comfortably. Thanks for the battles guys! Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
  6. Organised a CWA with the Lithuanians on this fine Sunday , the fight itself was fairly competitive both clans keen for the Win. Round 1 was so close that we even drew which we didn't even think was possible. Round 2 & 3 we picked it up and took the rounds fairly comfortably in the end. Thanks for the scrap Round 1. 25-25 Round 2. 25-23 Round 3. 25-19
  7. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Few days after Abyss contacted me looking for a fun little CWA fight for some streaming content. Originally we agreed on Saturday but after looking at our sign up early on, decided everyone was busy and reschedueled for Wednesday. Going into the fight, we finalized any rules we did not talk about and got everyone ready to go. After waiting around an extra 30 minutes for Abyss to get some more men ingame, we finally started. Rules: Round 1 - First to 25 - VR Wins Starting: 21 v 21 Ending: 25-23 Started off pretty strong with JP3 beast tanking it to our portal while we froze and picked off some stragglers, giving VR a 2 man lead near the beginning. Eventually Abyss brought it back and it kept close to even until the 20 man mark. After some swift switching and good tanking, we took it in the end by 2. Round 2 - First to 25 - VR Wins Starting: 21 v 21 Ending: 25 - 22 This round started off pretty even and continued even until the mid point of the fight. As the fight started coming down to the end, Abyss was gaining momentum but then made the mistake of piling some of our better tanks while David went on a transition spree. As the fight came to an end, David was piled and beasted it to the west as we piled Mazhar who ate out of being red barred and we switched instantly to Abyss who was caught in robes for the 1 bang finish. Round 3 - Knockout - VR Wins Starting: 18 v 18 Ending: 10/18 - 0/18 Strong performance all around from VR members as every one of their piles was tanked by our members while David transitioned with some great spears, great freezing and an overall great performance by everyone. Thanks for the fight Abyss/Ratpack. Good job to all VR who attended, great performance all around!
  8. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Fatality approached us for a fight in the F2P clan wars arena because Supremacy cancelled on them with 10 minutes notice because they were once again unable to pull. That's the second prep of the week you've had to cancel Sup you shit cunts - we did this to you. We done 3 run ins vs Fi on plat before our scheduled prep against Resistance and we were able to come away with a 2-1 win. thanks to Fatality for the fight we look forward to more. Rage Starting: 26 Rage Ending: 14 Fatality Starting: 26 Fatality Ending: 0 N/A Rage Starting: 29 Rage Ending: 4 Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 0
  9. Thanks for the clean action Pov by Mallu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MseksTR0gOI&t=
  10. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up roughly 30 apes to fight Resistance in a big war, despite them using FIRST PILE LEAKS every single round, we managed to come back 2 sets, after losing the 1st set due to stinkers clumping into 5-6 mans. Nevertheless, thank you for the fun and clean fight RS. Set 1: Lost Set 2: Winners (2-1) Set 3: Winners (2-0) Jackal POV w0c Braden
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLJ7EK1AqUk Thx for the clean fight Brigada! https://i.imgur.com/R23Btzt.gif
  12. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today Final Ownage Elite massed up 35 elites ready to fight Rage in 3 rounds of 10 minute capped F2P fights in CWA. We started with a really strong performance ending the first round with almost 30 kills on Rage at 103-77. The second round was a nail biter for sure ending in a tied score at 94-94. We wanted to walk away with the victory so we made sure we stepped it up for the final round. We gained an early lead but they brought it back towards the end. We were determined and we gained another small lead at the end, clutching the round at 99-95 kills. It was an amazing fight for sure, good fight Rage. Round 1: Victory 30v30 Starting Final Ownage Elite Ending Kills: 103 Rage Ending Kills: 77 Round 2: Draw 30v30 Starting Final Ownage Elite Ending Kills: 94 Rage Ending Kills: 94 Round 3: Victory 30v30 Starting Final Ownage Elite Ending Kills: 99 Rage Ending Kills: 95 Coming Soon ~Jordai ~Utc ~K2P
  13. | teamspeak: instinct.voiceservers.net | | discord: https://discord.gg/phXVJSF | | team-50 cape | The big dick owls of Instinct had their second prep today for the xLPC tourney against Pandemic. We came away with an easy 3-0 win over Pd. Gz Instinct. Gf Pandemic. h00t h00t motherfuckers Round 1 I Starting: 15 Pd Starting: 15 I Ending: 9 Pd Ending: 0 Round 2 I Starting: 15 Pd Starting: 15 I Ending: 9 Pd Ending: 0 Round 3 I Starting: 15 Pd Starting: 15 I Ending: 12 Pd Ending: 0 Video Uzi's POV exzrts's POV Zigy's POV
  14. | teamspeak: instinct.voiceservers.net | | discord: https://discord.gg/phXVJSF | | team-50 cape | Instinct started the beginning of the xLPC Tourney today with a solid 3-0 win over We Are Ruthless. Here's what the owls of Instinct did today: Round 1 I Starting: 21 WAR Starting: 21 I Ending: 16 WAR Ending: 0 Round 2 I Starting: 20 WAR Starting: 20 I Ending: 15 WAR Ending: 0 Round 3 I Starting: 20 WAR Starting: 20 I Ending: 14 WAR Ending: 0 Video Zigy's POV Uzi's POV
  15. Got a 30-45 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious #1 xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: NX RS | Discord: https://discord.gg/PBg5bhR | TeamSpeak: noxious.teamspeak3.com On this Thursday afternoon, Noxious massed up 24 big dick alpha males to fight Chaotic in a scheduled CW prep style fight. Sadly they couldn't pull 20+ to match our opts but we still fought them and took the win gf ch.
  16. Gf Noxious @Don ZenPOV @Rsn Arrow POV
  17. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Tuesday October 22nd Outrage massed up 29 dragons to f2p prep Legacy. It was a fun prep and we came out with the 3-0 victory, TY for action, Legacy. Round 1: Outrage Starting: 26 - Outrage Ending: 15 Legacy Starting: 26 Round 2: Outrage Starting: 28 - Outrage Ending: 16 Legacy Starting: 28 Round 3: Outrage Starting: 27 - Outrage Ending: 10 Legacy Starting: 27
  18. https://discord.gg/KFdMxCP My vidder had a long day at work and couldn't get me the videos from yesterdays late night mini wars so this is a bit late, but thanks for the fun fights! (I should probably get more people who can video LOL) Chaotic vs Noxi 2-0 @Super Smoke POV Chaotic vs War 2-0 Mini in 2 sets plus a FT 25 @Super Smoke POV
  19. Got a 30-45 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious #1 xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: NX RS | Discord: https://discord.gg/PBg5bhR | TeamSpeak: noxious.teamspeak3.com
  20. Got a 30-45 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious #1 xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: NX RS | Discord: https://discord.gg/PBg5bhR | TeamSpeak: noxious.teamspeak3.com
  21. After losing to Noxious and learning what we did wrong we wanted some more action to shake the dust off our old bones, Getting a hold of WAR we set up another Mini and FT 25 after. Pulling a HUUUUUUUUUUGE 8 Chaotic Cobras we took the 2-1 win perfecting them in round 1 losing no one, and we also won the FT 25 24-25. SUPER close fights and thanks for the wonderful action WAR. Feels good to be back and in the action. Join today for 30-45 Combat action! https://discord.gg/HZtKgrK Zombies POV (Mini War) Zombie POV (FT 25)
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