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Found 73 results

  1. Clan Information Discord: https://discord.gg/4vVznwD The Firm is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. We are also looking for active rank as we grow in members. Unlike the Clan scene we're completely non-toxic and Non-Offical we are simply an OPEN discord for the whole Pure Community so you can focus on PKin instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's makes a noticeable difference!! Why Join The Firm? We have PK trips with pures from all around the community! Weekly Clan and Wilderness Events, Daily giveaways for all our members! PKers of all experience levels are welcome here!! Requirements: 60+ Combat 1-25 Def Preferred 50+ Attack 80+ Strength / Range 85+ Magic 43+ Prayer Clan chat is: TheFirmCC Our Ranks: My Caves, Moe, Th3 Punish3r, Fvmous, Nam Even If you are a non-experienced Clanner and looking to get some starting experience then this is the best relaxed environment for you!! We are actively looking for new recruits to join this ever growing community, Also recruiting experienced members to also join the ranks! If this is something that interests you then please come and say Hi !
  2. With more clans in the pure scene then recent years I was wondering what the Brew community thought of the XLPC scene? I always get mixed answers when i ask around, More importantly which of these clans can you see making a step up? Will be interesting because whatever clan does "If any" will have a good amount of F2P experience something half the pure scene lacks to get. I wish you all luck with the XLPC scene and to any Pure clan willing to move up to the 2 EST/7GMT trip timezone. "HPC scene" Astro (Cb: 60 - 70) Excel (Cb: 50 - 80) Terror (Cb: 60 - 70) Zerg Unit (Cb: 50 - 70) Raid (Cb: 60 - 69) (unofficial trip June 13th, official TBA) Exiled Force (Cb: 60 - 75) (opening trip June 13th) Cba with teams. Also unlike past years there's plenty of clans in the 70-100 CMB bracket moving up from XLPC to HPC"lpc" would not be hard or require much training from members. I wish anyone who starts a pure community the best of luck.
  3. Revenge was formed in 2011 by a group of leaders in Chaotic V2 & other close friends from other clans. Respectful founders are (Duval (Chaotic), Cassidy (Control), Syracuse (Chaotic), & Soniqs (Malice.) We competed with clans such as Exiled Force, Hostility, Intense Redemption, We Are Royalty, Excel, Zenith, & more. We shunned the scene and also beat NME 3-0 in an f2p prep. After the recent opening of the xLPC Scene Duval and Syracuse decided to reopen Revenge with the merge of Chaotic, and Pandemic. FOUNDER Duval/Syracuse R4ngeTAP/Rash Tony/Jake/101/Brad Sho/Brock - Requirements - 40-50 cb xLPC Pure 1-3 Defence 40 attack 65 Str/Range Clan Chat - Revengeclan Cape - Discord https://discord.gg/DsJEZp Pm @R4ngeTAP#0437 on Discord to Join
  4. Divine | #1 xLPC Clan | 50-65 CB TeamSpeak 3: divineclan.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC In-Game Clan Chat: "Divine Clan" Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC Clan? PM a Warlord+ Rank For More Info! - Leader - Scims - High Council - Pro Binds Tango Time - Warlord - Ryan - Council - Erase P00n4ge 1/24/19: Divine Beats The Plague - 25v25 Official CW Prep (3-0) 1/26/19: Divine Smokes Blitz - 25v25 Official CW Prep (3-0) 1/27/19: Divine vs. The World - Official Sunday Pk Trip 2/5/19: Divine Smacks Immortals - 35v35 Official CW Prep (2-1) 2/22/19: Divine Defeats Energy For #1 xLPC Clan - 35v35 Official CW Prep (2-1)
  5. Clan Chat: "od cc" Team Cape: Team 29 REQUIRMENTS: 1-5 Defence, with 75+ Strength & 70+ Range. OR1-5 Defence, with 70+ Strength & 75+ Range. STAFF: Founder: AlanLeader: Alan | AustinHigh Council: [ SPOT OPEN ]Council: Scott | Dean | Zach OVERDOSE, an XLPC clan made up of experienced and new members alike. A clan formed by a dedicated staff to bring fourth nothing but clean, cancer free action to the scene. Started out in the summer of 2016, a f2p snipe team known as PANAHILL and later on OVERDOSE. Over time we moved on to becoming a big f2p team. 2+ years later a good portion of the core is still together, having its day one members active till this very day. OVERDOSE has been involved in action with some of OS Runescape's top clans & teams. Fast forward to present day 2018, A new era is here. OVERDOSE has reopened its doors as an XLPC clan. We look forward to being active, and providing action to all clans/teams within our combat bracket. OVERDOSE is a clan for players who want to enjoy the XLPC scene for what it really is. Everything from inners, minis, preps, and of course multi pking is what we will be focusing on. We currently have 4 guaranteed midweeks trips + Sundays for official XLPC weekends. (all official trips are set for 4:00pm eastern time) Our discord/clan chat is always active with something always going on. If this seems like the clan for you head over to our clan chat and introduce your self! Disclaimer:If OVERDOSE is to achieve and remain a top competitor in the XLPC scene, all ranks + verified members must commit to at least 2 or more official events each week. ©2016-2018.
  6. Rampage was originally founded by the ranks of Violence and has been a huge influence in the xLPC scene for years. Seeing the scene is slowly coming back we will be making our appearance giving clans clean action in the wild and in clan wars. Applications will be open under some strict requirements. Minimum Stats required to join: (Few Exceptions) Attack: 40 Strength: 85 Ranged: 83 Magic: 75 Current Ranks: Leader: Ryan, Sammy High council: Purp, Rapid, Papa Bear Council: Warbow, Single Strip, Tanner Officer: Ziggy, KosMigi Contacts: RyanTheG#5785 sammy#2994 Thug Nasty#9999 Single Strip#6302 Purp#1361 Rapid#2623 Koldkillaz#9376 Kos Migi#7834
  7. Redemption is a pure clan that was proudly founded by Evezz and Sith in June 2013. Redemption had started off as a clan that pked with a bunch of friends and in time Redemption would make a name for itself. With commitment and dedication, Redemption began to the pull as much as top competing clans. Redemption was known and labeled to be the best MPC clan as well a top competitor for one of the best F2P & P2P clans on OSRS. Due to IRL obligations by the leadership team, RD's reign had to fall prematurely. With the obligations completed the ex-ranks of Redemption have come back for some action. ASK Edgi Utc Rxlf Spiral Toobaked Lemons XLPC 45-60 COMBAT // STRICTLY INVITE ONLY. Discord: https://discord.gg/fTn5Caj Teamspeak: rd.verygames.net In-Game chat: RD Public Team - 26 cape
  8. IMMORTAL #1 xLPC +++ Want to contact us? Visit : Clan chat: “RsImt” Discord: https://discord.gg/yT7BvF +++ Who & What; is immortal? : Immortal Is a level 50-65 pure clan. It was founded by Former Corrupt Pures leaders; Drunkin R2h, Chain Is law, Toxine Pk. Our goal is to have a strong in and out game community. From IRL Meet ups. Fun discord events and Flawless Pks +++ Why to become IMMORTAL : + Most Experienced Members + Mature, Normal Community + Active Discord + #1 Undisputed xLpc + Uniform is flawless +++ How to join Immortal :1) Connect to our Discord (link above)2) Make sure you are 50-65 combat with 1-5 defense3) Contact an Overlord and we will discuss your future with the clan
  9. Fresh out of World 308, Tribe was founded by a couple of friends looking to take on the quick revival of XLPC. With a common sense of unity, Tom, H88, & P for Pwned have come together to open an endogenous group of blood thirsty tribesmen ready to take on the snipe scene. LEADER @TOM HIGH COUNCIL @H88 @P For Pwned Warlord -TBA- Discord:(PM FOR INVITE) Clan Chat: Tribe Pub Team Cape: 32 If you want to join give me a pm on here!
  10. Climax was formed by old dutch and american friends looking to make an impact in this wonderful new xlpc scene. If there's anytime to do something, we've realized the time is now. We are currently starting from 40 combat and working our way up. Within one day we've managed to peak over 30 in clan chat, and 15 in game. Expect us in a few weeks. CC: Cx Hq | Discord: https://discord.gg/QYxaYZ9 | Staff: Syracuse, Rylan, Niq, Mitz SITE: TBA
  11. BLITZKRIEG was made 2 Months ago by 2 of the most impactful Snipe Teams in world 308 in 2017/2018. Team Blitz & Team Zen In the end of October 2018 we decided we'd come back after a while away from the scene, and together make BLITZKRIEG. Right now our member list peaks 50 people, and we're Still growing. We're rushing into the xLPC community to compete with the rest of them, with one goal on our minds! Being #1 Matched 2019. OPENING DATE 26TH JANUARY!****** Founder -Pinoyz- Leader -Zen- High Council -i420- Warlord -Wifi- Council -Babe- -Billy- -Henny- Officer -Strike- -Ignore- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: 58-65 Combat -1 pray build - * 85+ Strenght * 85+ Range * 70+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 13-31 Pray build - * 80+ Strenght * 80+ Range * 70+ Mage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prep score: 1-0 Wilderness
  12. NiggV

    xlpc Bad Timing

    Bad Timing is a XLPC found by Blackson and Byron Started as a main clan in pre-eoc and first time to open as a pure clan in early 2017 Bad Timing will be making a return into the XLPC scene. The last time Bad Timing was open we put a show in the XLPC scene where we fought the following clans Rampage, envy, ascent. The last time Bad Timing was open we had a 3-0 Prep record in clanwars, Pulled constant 50+ to weekends, and anywhere from 25-40 on midweeks. We will be open to do midweeks, weekends, preps, minis. Teamcape: 48 CC: BTPUB TS: Badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Founder: Blackson Leader: Chris- Dzeko- Byron Council: Whip Warlord: Originalz POVS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdIMlTj0-eE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM-ODD-fkAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_gcTIZxR_0 Goodluck XLPC
  13. Looking for Xlpc action. work and leading a clan takes up alot of time but ill still be around for trips/minis etc
  14. The Plague was shaped from old POP ranks looking for extra action around the scene. With the rejuvenate of W8 we started with a small member base and grew fast pace to a community nobody expected. Leaders: Jesse Cole Slim High Councils: Swip Pkeru Warlord: TBA Councils: V O V A -Requierments- 50-65 Combat 1-4 Defence 70+ Strength 70+ Range 70+ Magic Teamspeak3------ Plague.ts3chat.com Discord----------https://discord.gg/WgFHMr Forums------------ www.Plague-rs.com Still looking for more ranks to fill our roaster. If you know what your doing PM or Let a rank if interested.
  15. until
    FUN 2v2 PREP BETWEEN THE FOLLOWING CLANS: OVERDOSE + NOXIOUS vs ANONYMOUS + IMMORTAL Details: 3 Rounds of PK Run-In (Random Maps) Mage-only spells (Blasts + Binds) 40 opts minimum 65 CMB Cap / +5 exceptions to 70 CMB Black vs Blue (Wizard Hats + Robes) Saturday, January 19th, 2019 5:00PM MASS 5:30PM START
  16. Noxious | xLPC Clan | 50-65 CB Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV In-Game Chat: "Clan Noxious" Clan Cape: Team-48 - Leader - Scims - High Council - N/A - Warlord - N/A - Council - Ebag, Tango Time - Officer - Erase, Foxy - Option #1: N-Ranger - 40 Attack 85+ Strength 85+ Range 25+ Magic 1-5 Defence - Option #2: Binder - 40 Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Range 75+ Magic 1-5 Defence 10/20/18 - First Pk Trip: 11/20/18 - One Month Strong: 12/8/18 - Sharkbrew Red Vs. Blue xLPC Fullout: 1/5/19 - 2019 Opening Trip Ft. 40 Alpha Males vs. xLPC Community:
  17. Just a quick topic but this is MY list of the best XLPC clans of 2019. “Also snipe teams as they are apart of the scene” 1) IMT 2)RP 3) TP 4)Purge 5)XL 6)Envy 7)OD 8)F2P Hybrids 9)Noxious 10)Ambush 11)Defiance 12)Blitz 13)Atl 14)3 hit
  18. Hey there so I've decided to try my hand with the whole clanning up thing I'm from Scotland so you think I'd have clanned up already Stats at the moment are 50 Att, 60 Str, 66 Rng ,1 Def, 11 Pray and 13 Magic with a 52 combat level. if there's a place for me please let me know what needs done cheers :D!
  19. Welcome to Ascent. Ascent, has some history behind runescape from clanning either in W57 back in 2012, to W308 in 2017. We thrived off LPC and XLPC action every chance we had. This will be our 4th time opening under the XLPC scene so I won't bother posting anything unrelated to XLPC, but hopefully get the other clans back down to a decent combat cap, knowingly this scene is to grab newer people, and get them prepared for a larger scene, give them a taste of what pure clanning is all about. We are here to have fun, alot of us love just the aspect for F2P clanning, and were brought ourselves to clanning from F2P, we hope we can bring that runescape feeling to other recruits we bring around aswell. If anything happens to sprout off our community, we will adapt to it but for now we hope to just keep bringing in pures to our community and help put our milestone somewhere along the pure community. LEADER BRAD Warlord Dealla COUNCIL Neil Brock LUKE Fish Edgi 45-60 Combat 1-4 Defence 55+ Strength 55+ Range 55+ Magic website: http://clan-ascent.net/ teamspeak: Ts.clan-ascent.net irc: #Ascent cc: Ascent Youtube = AscentTube
  20. Hello LPC and XLPC scene Just here to give clear warning about what goes on behind the scene in WAR and how a corrupt leader and co-owner take every thing they can from members and give nothing back So the story begins with me returning to OSRS after a 6 month break to find my last clan had put 14 def on my pure... i didn't have the time to make a new pure and of course my long time friend and Leader of WAR - RyanL hit me up with ill sell you an old XLPC account of mine and you can just train it up and quest it, sure why not (40m) osrs gold was paid for the account and i requested the email and password off him for around a week maybe longer every time he said he was buzy and would hit me up with it later that night. So 1 week and a bit later he starts flaming me for Staking as his members also jumped on and chucked their banks, leaving 2 out of the 10 maxed LPC accounts that WAR actually has bankrupt now i don't know how this is my fault as they all have their own brains and its there own human choice if they would like to chuck every thing they have away leave the game and go play the NEW C.O.D. any how the same day i was staking guess what.. yes RYANL was staking also and cleaned him self.. so i hit him up with a further 90m to help him back on his feet, only to learn he cleaned him self again that night staking with the co-owner that also cleaned him self and took a loan of 150m osrs Gold off me. i also donated to the clan twice in this week for a total of 94m. since i left last night i told RyanL he had 24hrs to get me my money and my account back or this was going public and I'm a man of my word. WAR owes me 1 LPC account that was paid for and a total of 260m to be paid back so as far as a community clan! a family ! the other shit they claim to be! THEY ARE TRASH AND ITS SHIT LIKE THIS THAT WILL MEAN THEY WILL NEVER EVER BECOME A WELL KNOWN CLAN - sorry unless its for scamming Check out the co-owner spamming the clan discord when he cleaned him self with his own Go-fund me https://gyazo.com/4ef667648e0e12ed32ac3f7f4e1ab788
  21. Welcome To Nightmare! Introduction: Nightmare was formed by previous xlpc clanners looking to dominate the scene. Our main purpose of opening is constant action and friendly competition, With a goal of reviving the scene/reviving w308. Leaders: Broxx Chalu High Councils: Dill Ic3d Warlord: Aysix Councils: Blktiger Str Book JohnC Eztocrypt 55-65 Combat 1-4 Defence 75+ Strength 75+ Range 75+ Magic Teamspeak3: Nightmare.ts3chat.com Discord: https://discord.gg/UURXuw CC: NightmareCC
  22. Went out with 12 peaked at 18 hungry Devil worshipers and slaughtered everything in our path. ty 4 action. ~Jackson 55-65 Combat Most organised and best quality ts3: Uprising.clants.net disc: https://discord.gg/cXRceHY
  23. Today 18 Bulls stomped all over the xlpc scene going undefeated fighting 3hit down 7 at one point in the day. overall was great action and fun contest ~jackson 60-65 combat Join for most organised and best quality clan Ts3: Uprising.clants.net Discord: https://discord.gg/fZJP6kC
  24. Was going to try get somewhat involved in XLPC with Olympus, but they've decided not to open. I'm left with this account, 63CB (name to be changed ofc) What clans are my boys in? what XLPC's are actually active and relevant? idk shit about this scene but im ready to get the rune scim bloody once again. F2P mini's are life btw
  25. Uprising Rise Above All Ts3: Uprising.clants.net Discord: https://discord.gg/VA9dQTs Requirements: Str/Rng/Mage build 60-65 cb 1 def Uprising was founded by former Fearless Ranks and Founders of the Team Exclusive. The bases of this clan is experience and quality in the low level scene. Our goal is to rebel against clans who bring mains and once again create a revolution with 1 defence being in xlpc again. Staying true to our roots, we plan on eliminating clans who bring tanks and have clean action. If you are fed up of mains ruining the scene, this is the place to join. Join us now as we plan to remove the cancer and rise above all. Leader Loud Inc High Council Bottlez Council Barry Bud
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