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Final Ownage Elite vs Doom F2P Prep 2-1 [Declaration Win]


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    Final Ownage Elite battled Doom on this Friday evening in a F2P prep. They declared on us with a 35v35 minimum a while back and we managed to take the victory in the first two rounds. In the third round we let kavi the beast 4nr & Dilbert the legendary senior member call but they were met with some unfortunate circumstances and were unlucky under the extreme pressure of the elites costing us the 3-0.


Next time they'll be sure to dominate and take the easy win =D


kavi with his legendary call "there's 10 niggas inside of us!"


Thanks for the prep Doom!


Round 1: Win

Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 35/33

Doom starting/ending: 33/0


Round 2: Win

Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 35/18

Doom starting/ending: 35/0


Round 3: Loss 








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