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pure/weekend Fatality F2P Saturday FT. Everyone

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August 4th,2018; We massed up 50 Pure Elites and peaked at 55 Green Men and ventured out into the F2P Wilderness. We wanted to have an action packed trip and managed exactly that we had 3 separate 30+ minute fights. Thanks to all the clans today for the clean action!



We started our trip by hitting Apex from the west near bandits, We started pushing them east when Supremacy logged in and crashed. Shortly after Eruption of Pures and Final Ownage Elites rushed, We fought north for a short while than all clans went singles.


We setup a 1v1 against Apex and started smoking them near 13 ports, we started hitting them south and cycled through them. We caught binds on them from behind as Against All Odds crashed and Apex went singles with 25 ingame. We stayed multi with 47.


We started a cluster and ended it, we started by hitting Apex until Eruption of Pures came and they started 2v1'ing us. We went singles and Supremacy rushed Apex, We rushed south back on EOP who was fighting Intense Redemption south. We continued fighting around chaos alter when more clans started logging in and we went south and dipped.


We setup a 1v1 against Apex and they defended bandits, We rushed from the west and quickly started taking control of the fight. After a couple minutes Supremacy logged in south and rushed us from the north we held near singles and caught SUP members south inside us. We started fighting Apex but Eruption of Pures logged in and crashed.


We setup another fight against Apex and this time we defended at Bandits, they rushed from the east and we started to cycle very well. We went from dead even opts to Fatality taking a 10 kill lead. Eruption of Pures and Supremacy crashed. We went south and hopped and banked.


We heard Supremacy and Eruption of Pures were fighting near bandits. We crashed and caused both clans to scatter and run north we stayed south and caught binds and bow'd north. We started dropping both clans like flies, EOP went south and we followed. Eventually we started 1v1v1. The fight went on for several minutes with all clans teaming on others at some point. We eventually went south after 30+ minutes of fighting.


Another 1v1 was happening late into this F2P Trip, We logged in on Intense Redemption vs Apex. We started hitting both clans we didnt care who and dropped +5 instantly on rush. We started pushing both clans from CA to FOG. We started using our movements to our advantage and stayed on top of Apex with bows. Apex dipped and we started turning around on IR who moved north to CA. We started bullying them up there and they tried to mass return south, we camped them south and cleared them at level 1.













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