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Community Advisor Rank

As I am nearly complete with the homepage, I will be reintroducing the tracking of clan wars and wilderness events on the home page:


The main goal is to showcase your clan, with secondary objectives of demonstrating the activity of the pure/main clanning scene to the rest of the community. I will elaborate on our strategy in the near future, but without getting sidetracked too much, We would like to introduce a new rank initiative.

@mvfcCaX.pngCommunity Advisor

We always try to maintain a fair balance of ranks from different clans in the Sharkbrew rank team. This unfortunately has the side effect of not being able to hear suggestions or perspective from talented community members. Furthermore, as our rank team members are getting older, majority of us have moved on from this game or are not as active as we used to be. This is a detriment as we are not in tune with the issues plaguing the scene. Thus I am introducing this new rank to help us better connect with the community to learn pressing issues that need addressing.

You can find more details here:

Anyone can apply, and as long as they meet and maintain the requirements, they would be ranked up.


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58 minutes ago, Brock said:

good luck to everyone who is post apps great thing for all the scenes! :D 

Brock you should submit an app! You are patience, not a spastic, good at runescape.com and love sharkbrew!!!

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We really hope that a higher interest in this position will develop over time. The truth is, a lot of you want to be more directly involved in shaping a healthy community and it shows. This will basically provide a more direct method of getting the community involved with our team to highlight some of the problems you would like addressed. We want to create a system that incentivizes clans to hold events with each other, to actively engage one another in the community, and fix problematic behaviors that demotivate people to hold events.

We also want to hold a dialogue discussing why certain clans feel it to be necessary to not engage with the wider community here and what we can do to change that for the benefit of everyone. We want to provide a welcoming and all-inclusive environment, for both social purposes and for community engagement. Where we go from here is up to you, the feedback you provide us, and your willingness to work with us to make this community the best it can possibly be.

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