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update New discord channel and new posting restrictions

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Hey everyone, quick update here. 

For a while now pures posting in the mains channel and vice versa has been an issue, we've had a lot of discussion around this, we've considered making opt in roles when you join the server that limit access to said channels, make the channels read only etc. However for the time being at least we have decided these ideas would be too radical, we don't want to completely split the community's, only make sure that every community gets its own voice. We are aware that pures in particular often go to the bonfire channel to have mature discussions, post their topics etc. With this in mind:

We have created a new channel called "ceasefire". This channel is for both the pure and main community's where people can have mature discussions post their topics etc. This means that we will now be enforcing

  • NO main content in campfire unless it directly relates to pures (for example discussing the affects of mains on the pure scene is fine)
  • NO pure content in bonfire unless it directly relates to mains (for example discussing the affects of pures on the main scene is fine)

We hope with these changes both community's will prosper. 

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