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Rage Wednesday - Taking on SUP/LY 2v1

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Today Clan Rage peaked at 38 Bears to clear supremacy and Legacy all throughout the wilderness. We started off our trip by scouting Legacy at the caves, and clearing them within minutes. As soon as we pushed Legacy down to the 30 line, making them teleport, Supremacy rushed from the north in hopes of getting a 2v1 on us. Unfortunately they were too late, as their allies were already cleared and they met the same fate. The first 1 min 30 sec of the video paint all of that very clearly, in case anyone wants to claim they didn't try xD. 

For the next fight we scouted Legacy once again hiding all the way south at rev dark beast, and we logged on top of them and once again cleared them up in about 2 minutes. AGAIN Supremacy logged in too late, only to get gwassed at 30 line as they waited for Legacy to re-rush. With Supremacy having 5 in-game, and Legacy rushing from the north with a fresh rg, we teled out happy with having fully cleared both clans at one point. 

At this point it was very clear that regardless of which clan we hit first, the other would be short to follow. We weren't too concerned and were happy to finally be able to bully around Supremacy during the midweek which isn't an opportunity we have very often.

Next we found Supremacy idled at the north wall of the caves and logged on top of them, gaining an instant number advantage and killing their members as they desperately tried to stay alive in time for Legacy to crash. Right on cue, as Supremacy was nearly fully cleared Legacy logged in and auto-locked onto the big bad bears. We pulled into the northwest room and to our surprise, Supremacy attempted to rush into the room from the Dragons and instantly get 80% of their members caught in a clump. We cleared them up and dipped.

After rg'ing we went back into the caves and waited down south for Supremacy to log into us. They attempted to push south through the corridors and were instantly clumped up, with the members who did make it through dying 1 by 1. CD rushed in mid-way through the fight, followed by Legacy. After making sure Supremacy had 0 members left in game we tele'd out. 

We returned to the caves once again, and logged into Supremacy at the north wall. Once again... we instantly bullied them around, gaining a big number advantage after only 1 minute. We sent Sup scattering throughout the caves, as they were willing to let their boys over at Legacy try to finish us off. By this point both Legacy and Supremacy had 30 a piece in ts, and we were forced to tele out. 

Reminiscent of Sunday, we found Supremacy defending for Legacy at east bandits. After 5 minutes of sup standing at the lava, it was clear to us that they had no intention of starting the fight themselves. They decided to skip the team on crash part, and sup played the "bait". We logged in and instantly pushed them south on the lava line. Once again... Legacy logged in north of us and the 2v1 began. Fortunately for us, Apex was behind LY and kept them off our backs, leaving Supremacy alone with the bears. We pushed them south to the trees, and bullied them around until their allies came to the rescue. With Sup having 10 in game, and Legacy rushing from tele spot with 30, we teled out satisfied. 

Next we defended for Supremacy east of sperm hill. As soon as they rushed we wrapped around their east side and dominated the north. Outrage crashed the fight from the north shortly after, forcing us to pull south to ghost hut to avoid being sandwiched. As we grouped up at ghost hut, LY rushed from the south, forcing us to tele out and re-hit. The cluster ensued for another 15 minutes, going back and forth. 

(Sup and LY getting some cute spams next to eachother in game)


All in all it was another great day for the Bears. BLNT noobs.

Kont pov:










































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