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⚔️prep [F2P PREP] Supremacy vs Legacy 2-1

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supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net




On November 19th Supremacy massed up 35 Tigers to take on Legacy in a F2P Preparation war. Through kyles calling and Jimmy's godlike tanks we managed to take an easy 2-1 dub


Round 1
Supremacy starting: 27
Legacy starting: 27
Supremacy ending: 12
Legacy ending: 0
Round 2
Supremacy starting: 26
Legacy starting: 26
Supremacy ending: 5
Legacy ending: 0
Round 3
Brain Fart









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1 hour ago, Weak said:

If you massed up 35, you should have put them all in the portal because we had 35 as well and sat 6-7 kids. 

regardless, gf sup. Ty for the action. 

only cert kids play. not gonna play non maxed kids that showed up for inners practice and support

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