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Promotions + clan representation role eligibility on discord


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We are glad that we received overwhelming responses from the community after our call for more people to step up to help with moderation and to represent your clan. Congratulations to the following:

@Dox17- Rev

@Stella- FI

@Chris-- VR


@Yikes- Unfairgame Singles PKing team

If you have not been promoted yet, fear not as we are still going through the apps and there are plenty of clans not being represented in the rank team


Discord Clan Role

In the spirit of mutual understanding and fair exchange of brand value recognition, clans/teams are required to have a clan group and a clan advertisement topic in order to have a clan role on discord. There are quite a few main clans who do not meet this requirement, so out of fairness to the rest of the clans who took the time to make the group and clan advert topic, we are making this mandatory that all clans and teams have to create their respective groups and advert topic by 10th of april or we will delete your role.

If you feel that all this effort is beneath your clan, feel free to mass leave the discord- after all even Jagex also saw fit to demolish your statue so you aint that special anymore




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