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Legacy Productions Presents P.5: Zenith Demoralizing Audio


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After months of ZENASHIT thinking we had ZERO intel inside of them, we decided to put together a very quick video to play our hand. We aren't going to release the entirety of their audio so they don't realize how many leaks we have and how deep they are. They thought they were the only ones with any sort of intel, that's a fucking joke 😂 They got waaaaaaaaaaaaay too comfortable with that mentality and now they will be more then cautious about what is said/typed. 

Enjoy - LY Staff Team



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5 minutes ago, LongShlong said:

I’m at ferox, it’s just socially awkward nerds there and no bitches and I’m pretty sure the vodka bottles are filled with water... I’m logging out man Elve just brought a 15 year old to the spot


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