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    White Kid

    [F2P] Outlaws Vs SF Prep 2-1

    whats control pkers excuse this time hahahah
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    EOP vs Panda/Ub

    ? don't comment unless you were planning on disputing the topic since ballistas were on, GS3G1 however was turned off
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    hey Bryan it seems to me like you're trying to get your clan camped is that the case? Please get back to me and let me know, it won't be hard seen as half my RP leaks joined your clan xx
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    Proud of our squad's performance today down 5 in the F100. Good fights today.
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    Image if we invited ST and our Clan friends l00l! 85 man pull here we come, you better be ready dead clan misfits/rampage
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    Are you woke?

    lets kiss mewt2
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    Mi Ni

    CP #1 kids

    CP #1 kids
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    Only preps for now until we grasp more interest in F2P. Just a cancer scene and i can admit we don't pull 35+ in f2p to be able to compete. SO i think Sup/AAO will stop doing it as well unless they want the dick everytime. P2p is where its at without a doubt but P2P in the context of Weekdays the weekends are cancer but we still pull 40.
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    EOP vs Panda/Ub

    leader of eop since 2004
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    Well done, i think we were the only clans to have good trips today. Shame about SUP sniping us in your capes but w/e i don't blame them after the suffering we've put their clan through.
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    what about that time you were all retired / Legends on your forums? what do you call that? hibernation ?
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    @Mustafa has officially gone full broccoli. Congratulations @Zo . @hotkeying on completely triggering this loser lmao.
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    Phoenix F2P Saturday ft. IR/UB

    1 minute of wildy footage.. yikesssss
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