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    holding onto your youth

    There isn't a single game out there, where you can compete with large amount's of people, 50 people on voicecom's fighting to be the best. Staying in contact with people you met on this game troughout the years. The banter, The giggles, Marriage, Kids haha
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    hate reggins

    holding onto your youth

    shife said you are a ugly guyanese freak lmfaoooooooooooooooo
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    Stampede vs Potent | 22v22 Prep [2-1]

    ah yes.
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    Stampede vs Potent | 22v22 Prep [2-1]

    Had gmauls r3 didnt expect any other outcome sub 30 opts
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    Stampede vs Potent | 22v22 Prep [2-1]

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    Stampede vs Potent | 22v22 Prep [2-1]

    easy lol ty
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    Rage Vs Fearless | 2-0 Sets | F2P

    Fs is shit lol
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    holding onto your youth

    we had a blast
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    Word on the street

    bigus dickus AJ
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    holding onto your youth

    no i play because im a virgin with no life and i weigh 450 pounds
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    Agrred veng sucks
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    Poor veng doesnt even try to react anymore. @wolffffis so broken he refuses to post on our topics anymore because he ends up looking even more stupid
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    Free loot as always lol
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    Northern vs Ly pkris

    ran into these boys at revs, seemed like they were starved for action so we talked a little and asap agreed to do a friendly novid match to feel out future events since there's not much action for those gmt teams and i wanted to help em out a little. im a nice guy. we had 50 online and could have logged more people but i wanted to test them a little, since they came to me begging for action in the first place and seemed pretty chill when i've worked with them as staff in other projects. they had to tell their members we pulled 20, i also heard 25. thats why you can't see us on the vid that much. but there was something fucked up with google and it wouldn't help a yankee cunt like me figure out the time in western mongolia or wherever these guys are from. he pmed me all morning saying he was having trouble pulling but hey, he wouldn't lie or anything right? surely there's no fuckery about? i didnt even bring the agreed upon 15 we havent used our teamspeak in over a month he was telling his members at edgeville and in their voice that tribe brought 20, and 25 after all this, being approached, trying to give them a friendly event, agreeing to fight down ops etc.. asap can't even get on a voice call! yikes! imagine posting like 3 seconds of vid bringing double ops to fight my level 70s, imagine asking me to fight down ops because you're worried about getting slammed by level 70 accounts. imagine that being your whole midweek
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