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  1. Daily reminder holy dreams cried on teamspeak when he didnt get a promotion in Leet Tactics on battlescape.

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Ye but I bet he killed your clan and that’s why you crying 

    2. Marty


      Couldn't be more wrong im afraid..

  2. Marty

    Best so far

  3. not an expert on this but since IR said sit to us or we're leaving, how was it a fullout? if it was a fullout and sup fought up 7 would have been 3-0 ez for supremacy ngl
  4. Marty

    weekend Supremacy Saturday Fist-fucking IR

    ah yes IR got smoked
  5. Marty

    prep PX vs IR [35v35]

    i can confirm IR are brown sticky stuff
  6. Marty

    [Poll] Clan Wars Maps

    defending clan chooses because IR are fucking retards shouldnt affect the rest of us
  7. Marty

    prep PX vs IR [35v35]

    EZ win for px tbh
  8. aao still fucking suck then, nowts changed