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  1. People still arguing about who's the biggest loser

    1. Crow Gang

      Crow Gang

      na marcsaw won that award already apparently

  2. Lmfao hassan been slaving for envy for the past 6 years only to get kicked from his own clan 

  3. °°°

    Which Clan?

  4. °°°

    update Negative reputation fixes v2

  5. °°°

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Don't give a fuck about no ma fkin yuhh
  6. ? I'm not in od or envy haz stop taking this shit so srs Lmdaooadjdodkfrhnbejkdnku
  7. He wasn't talking to any envy ranks Lmfao nice try though
  8. Wow how did u figure out who I was? I mean it's on my past name history.. Also u don't care about eop closing cause ur spy
  9. °°°

    MFW reddit

  10. Worry about eOp closing again