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  1. m Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the mighty Spartans massed and peaked at 75 pures. We had a non-stop action packed trip which saw us compete with every clan while also chasing our "rivals" around the runescape universe like rats. Thank you all for an enjoyable weekend! @Maaku .
  2. bro cd is full of liberals who are yang and bernie supporters lol. join ly if you're an actual Republican
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Short Description of trip Legacy went out on this lovely glorious Saturday with one thing in mind, and that was to finally put CD in their coffins. We massed and peaked at 60 glorious Spartans ready to disrupt Critical Damages trip. From Barb village to Varrok Ditch To GDZ and Clan wars Legacy completely broke CD and made their leader @Zeke rage quit teamspeak, which begs to ask, if your leader isn't returning than why are you? Legacy also found itself having a 10 minute uninterrupted PKRI vs Rage towards the end of the trip in which we dominated 95% of the fight. Once Rage were cleared from the map we decided to end. .
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