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  1. King Koer Jr

    weekend Legacy Gwasing P2P Sunday

    ly stands for trust in the process
  2. King Koer Jr

    20 def movement?

    shut up lmfao
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    GG CD

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    Sponsoring Clans!

    take my money
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    @EX CD

    this dude lmao
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    xlpc BLITZKRIEG xLPC - 58-65 Cmb - On the Rise!

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    Update on pure clans

    lpc ded lmao
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    Resurgence's 1st Trip of the New Year

  9. King Koer Jr

    hello all...........

  10. AAO set out with 30 cubs to today's Sunday, later peaking at 35 cubs. We started off our trip defending vs Blunt Pures at FOG and got a quick win. Later Misfits asked us for a fight seeing as we both have similar opts. Misfits defended at Fally and got cleared on the initial rush. For the next 2 hours+ AAO would fight waves and waves of beezs, [AAO] never once going into singles or getting a regroup. Thank you Misfits for a long and respectful fight, but the 2 sever clan reigns supreme. S/O to @Taka to participated the 2 hour event on mobile .