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  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the Spartans peaked at 55 for today's Saturday F2P trip. We fought almost every clan and towards the end we saw ourselves fighting a half hour fight with Supremacy at west bandits. Thank you all for todays fun clusters and 1v1s!
  2. did this kid really spend a whole month catfishing as 10 legacy ranks and members for a topic???? lmfao bro wtf
  3. m Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the mighty Spartans massed and peaked at 75 pures. We had a non-stop action packed trip which saw us compete with every clan while also chasing our "rivals" around the runescape universe like rats. Thank you all for an enjoyable weekend! @Maaku .
  4. bro cd is full of liberals who are yang and bernie supporters lol. join ly if you're an actual Republican
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