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  1. "23 years old with a felony and a MISDEMNOR" Saying that doesn't make you a gangster retard.... sadly you're just a failure lmfao
  2. idk if youre trying to clickbait but what does supremacy have to do with your 3 minute video of losing to IR lmfao I didn't see supremacy in that video once wtf L0L
  3. Supremacy vs Ir alone make it happen sb
  4. lmfao stfu you crack head you sold rsgp and recovered accounts to abuse your drug addiction
  5. Dont understand how the veteran ranks of Ir still cant lead a proper trip
  6. You realize no clan is going to categorize themselves in your tiers right? Theres still only xlpc and lpc at the end of the day regardless of defense lol
  7. Misfits is a joke of a clan lmfao garbage leaders garbage members
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