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  1. Poor Banter
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    Fujii reacted to puppyslush in Free money for your clan - Clan twitch   
    At the time of writing, people with amazon prime accounts, you can subscribe to one twitch channel for free. The owner of said channel will receive $2.5 a month as a result of your subscription, and thus I urge all clan leaders to make a twitch channel for your clan and ask members with amazon prime to subscribe to your channel-if they haven't subscribed to anyone yet. This allows you to effectively earn additional $ that could be used for clan operations while also costing your members nothing. Do this fast as I don't believe amazon will keep this offer up for too long.
    There is a channel in discord where you can advertise your channel, and I will be creating a forum section here shortly as well
    Furthermore, you can also use your channel to stream your clan's preps/events and -potentially- get a couple of recruits.
    P.S. Credits to IR titans for this idea
  3. Good Banter
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    Fujii reacted to Nerdy in Apex main clan. FOE did that to you for 3 months.   
    hey @Apocalypsehow come you claiming wins but you're clip vs apex ends randomly 😮 
    p.s funny seeing you spam "i live for this shit" in game during a runescape fight while your children are probably crying from neglect in the background. YIKES
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    Fujii reacted to hate reggins in Apex main clan. FOE did that to you for 3 months.   
    You are 32 years old, have 2 kids and waste your time flaming on a dead community forum lmfao. neck it.
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    Fujii reacted to lnfamous Jet in "XLPC CLANNING IS DEAD"   
    After 4 years of applying pressure on the same shitty xlpc scene, as a Proud Clan Closer and Scene Breaker - xLpc Scene is Officially Shutdown due to Closures of every snipe team and clan. 
    F2p Hybrids Took a few laps around w308 to ensure the dead scene and give a standing ovation for the T17 Soldiers who didn't get to be apart of the 2019 FH.
    It's been a hell of a ride, most people might think this is some random ass snipe team, but in reality - FH is home to the sharpest and coolest nigs in the community. Until next time, we're gunna reign terror for the 2020 xlpc wave!
  7. Good Banter
    Fujii got a reaction from ChrisKush in FEARLESS GLORIOUS P2P SUNDAY TRIP FT. FI/LY/SUP/IR/FOE/APEX   
    you got gwas'd nigga, go focus irl LOL. 
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    Fujii got a reaction from foxy in Your 6 monthly reminder of ir getting in a 50 man gwas   
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    Fujii reacted to Pigwrestler7 in Your 6 monthly reminder of ir getting in a 50 man gwas   
    You have to go back 6 months to find your last decent P2P trip???
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    Today on this fine Saturday, Fearless massed up 70 Pigs and managed maintain 60+ for our opening trip. Our day consisted of plenty of 1v1s and clusters against other clans, resulting in Fearless coming out on top in each battle.  GF gamers!
    Thank you for the fights today we're looking forward to more in the future. And CONGRATS over to our friends at CD on their opening trip today!!

    Ramie pov: 
    Royce pov:
    Kold pov: 


    Join Fearless today!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rcJEBe
    PM Godae#9828 to leak

  11. Poggers
    Fujii got a reaction from nawe in Nawe wins again   
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    Fujii reacted to foxy in Nawe wins again   
    maybe if u guys did p2p inners u wouldnt lose to sandcrab recruits in a p2p prep
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    Fujii reacted to 'Jamie in [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."   
    I understand you're a 4n rage bear you stupid fuck but he wasn't degrading us you dumbass
  14. Good Banter
    Fujii reacted to Godae in Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan   
    if olympus calls themselves kings, i can call fs a legacy
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    Fujii got a reaction from Opticals in Torture of ROT   
    I guess you can say FO asked for this. 
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    Fujii got a reaction from King Of xLPC in The future of LPC - Who will last in the scene the longest?   
    non bias FS/TLP 
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    Fujii got a reaction from King Of xLPC in The future of LPC - Who will last in the scene the longest?   
    non bias FS/TLP 
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    Fujii reacted to V low in [MIDWEEK] Fearless Saturday [35v35+] F2P Pkri vs Apex   
    We approached Apex for a 30 Min F2P Pkri & they gladly accepted. We massed up 33 Pigs later peaking at 38 Pigs. Thank you Apex for the clean action!
    JOIN UP!
    Discord - https://discord.gg/SbC42YE
    Teamspeak - Fearless.ts3chat.com

    ~ snipergang2k POV
    ~ Amenti POV
    ~ Brap POV

  20. Good
    Fujii got a reaction from Erase in Fearless Friday Midweek Ft. DC/FO/Randos   
    Child Proof/ Freecandy Jr, and a couple other rsns i know. Yeah its foe, thanks dude! 
  21. Poor Banter
    Fujii got a reaction from `Prod in Fatality Claims #1 P2P FT. APEX/SUP/IR/LY.   
    mhm yeah ok sure. 
  22. Poor Banter
    Fujii reacted to `Prod in Fatality Claims #1 P2P FT. APEX/SUP/IR/LY.   
    He seems mad that fatality shit all over apex in the wilderness today..
    Unbiased gz fi 
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    Fujii reacted to Scims in Divine Official xLPC Sunday - 60 Gods vs. 60 Bears Ft. IMT Getting Smoked To Singles 3x   
     Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info!
    Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan

    On this action packed xLPC Sunday, Divine massed up and peaked at a whopping 58 gods to battle it out against Rage.
    Most of today's action was between the top 2 highest pulling clans being us and Rage.
    We setup some hard fought pkri's (50v50+) against Rage at almost every spot you could think of in the wildy. GF guys.
    In the meantime, while we were having nonstop action for an hour and 30 minutes, IMT was still massing and barely pulled in the 30's. No BT or OvK today? LMAO.
    While the top dogs of the scene were battling it out, our peasants over at IMT were too busy trying to snipe us with their cute 30 man pull. That didn't end well.
    We also encountered XL and PH throughout the fights near CA/Corp area and cleared them out easily. Gf guys.

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